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Instagram, as we all know, is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms today. It’s created in such a fun, simple and creative way so that one can share photos, and videos, edit the same, and even message friends and family through the application. 

Instagram has launched many features such as Filters which is central to its success. Long gone are the days where video marketing was only for companies who had big budgets.With Instagram’s Video feature, the whole game has changed now, especially for small businesses. Instagram Stories was added in 2016, which in the beginning stage was considered to be a replica of Snapchat’s successful model though it has skyrocketed in popularity. With businesses increasingly looking for tools to increase engagement with their brands without having to make massive investments, Instagram features are quite the saviour. There are many such features which Instagram has added with time such as Instagram Live, Story Highlights, AR Filters, IGTV, Stickers and the most recent one is REELS and in the following blog we shall read about it in more depth and understand the importance and power which it holds.

HOW IT WORKS: With Instagram Reels, you can create fun videos and share them on Instagram with your friends. 15-second videos (in certain cases 30-60 seconds too) can be recorded and edited with audio, effects, and new creative tools. The reels you create can be shared with your followers through your feed and the reels you make public can be viewed by the broader Instagram community through the ‘explore’ feature. You can become a creator on Instagram through reels in exploring and share your work with new audiences globally. 

IMPORTANCE AND POWER: As we read above about the working and how instagram reels are made and the word spreading power it holds, it is clear how it can be a golden opportunity for people having business. Any brands that are trying to grow or even people for that matter, Instagram Reels helps them in spreading the word, creating awareness, building a community / relationships with people having the same taste, reaching new audiences, making brand ambassadors, launching advertising campaigns, etc. So far it would be right to say and understand that, Instagram Reels are most beneficial for promoting brand awareness. As a result, your content can be seen on the explore page as well as an endless scroll through reels. You reach people you would otherwise not be able to reach with your content when it is featured on Instagram’s explore and Instagram Reels page. However, Instagram has a tricky algorithm to navigate through if you use it to grow your business. But, Instagram wants to promote the reels feature, as it is their latest prominent feature. Hence, they would like to promote content created using the reels feature more compared to the other features and this is a great opportunity which must be grabbed. The benefit of reels over any other Instagram feature is that you’re much more likely to reach a large audience and receive more engagement from new people.

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