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With an internet population of more than 500 Million in India, as of December 2018 and an expected increase 10 Million users every month, there is no doubt that E-commerce is an extremely essential tool for Businesses & it has become completely crucial for brands & businesses not only have a presence online but to ensure that their websites are e-commerce ready from Day

Here are some interesting hacks which will enable you to boost your online sales.

#1 – Discounts

Ways to Boost your E-commerce Sales

Research shows that customers who receive discounts/coupons from a brand have a higher release of oxytocin making them feel more happy and relaxed.
Hence, while discounting may not sound like a good strategy if it impairs long-term profitability, it is an amazing strategy to boost sales.
If you are worried about profit margins, there is always some option to use discounts as a marketing strategy
1 – spike up the prices a bit and then put it on sale.
2 – always have certain products on discount and keep changing the discounted products in a few weeks

But the bottom line is, discounting can work wonders in influencing a consumer purchase decision.

#2 – Mobile Friendly Website

It is not an unknown fact that India is a mobile-first country. Statistically speaking, 79 out of 100 internet users in India surf through mobile devices as compared to just 21 users using desktop devices. Hence having a mobile-friendly website should be your first priority.

If you are a fresh brand and are just ramping up your product range, don’t fall into a trap of creating a mobile app. As per a study done by Google, thirty-eight per cent of those surveyed said they’re likely to download an app only when it’s required to complete a purchase. Once they’ve completed that purchase, however, half will uninstall that just-downloaded app and move on.
Hence, invest in a mobile app only when it’s extremely required. Till then, make use of a mobile optimized website.

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#3 – Affiliate Marketing

Ways to Boost your E-commerce Sales

With the increase in online users, we’ve seen an increase in influencers, bloggers and category experts online who have a large database/user base/followers who can be reached out to.
Another advantage of affiliate marketing is that there are a large number of affiliate vendors who have an extremely segmented audience base (emails / mobile nos.) and are willing to work on more flexible conversion models like CPS (Cost Per Sale).
Options like these can create a more favorable model for businesses in the long run as they can restrict their spends to the revenue they make.

#4 – Optimize your conversion rates

Ways to Boost your E-commerce Sales

While there are a lot of factors that can help you get more traffic on the website, it is extremely crucial to improving your website’s conversion rates.
To break this down simply, rather than spending more on getting more website visits, a smarter strategy would be to figure ways to increase the purchase rate amongst the existing audiences. This will yield higher returns in the long-term and will give you the confidence to scale your marketing strategies as well.
While conversion rate optimization can be extremely tricky because there are a series of smaller changes from changing the website UI to simplifying the checkout process, that can improve your %CR gradually, it is extremely important for you to work on CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) to yield the best results from your marketing activities.

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