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6X ROAS for A Wealth Management & Advisory Firm | Purnartha

About the brand

Purnartha is a SEBI-registered equity investment advisor, with offices in 8 cities in India. They cater to a diverse base of domestic, NRI and institutional clients. Their investment philosophy of investing and creating a financial portfolio of high quality stocks has beaten benchmarks such as NIFTY over the long term.


Lead Generation




Paid Advertising

Case study subject

Paid Advertising

Delivery Overview

Purnartha required leads of individuals who would invest 25L+ on an annual basis. Finding these HNI Investors using digital platforms was the challenge thrown at DigiChefs. We did this by running campaigns on Google & Linkedin. By showcasing the core USPs of Purnartha’s equity & investment advisory services, we ensured higher CTRs as compared to the competition.
Thorough keyword analysis to find TG in specific cities with higher HNI audiences and a more evolved understanding of investments (like Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Kolkata etc) was conducted too. The communication for ads was revisited on a timely basis to increase CTRs, reduce CPLs and improve the conversion rates.


We ran ad campaigns in 8 different target markets, boosted CTRs by 23% and generated about 8087+ leads. Our lead quality ratio improved by 50%. We achieved an ROAS of 5.89X for the brand.

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