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Internet and the technological advancements that followed have democratized the process of building up one’s own business from the ground up. 

In another article, I spoke about the basics of how to start an eCommerce business in India. Here’s the link to the same: https://digichefs.com/how-to-start-an-e-commerce-business-in-6-steps/

In the scope of this article, I am assuming you know what you want to sell. Here’s the context: You’ve had a great idea, you’ve researched the manufacturing/sourcing of the product or USPs of your service, you’ve thought about the logo & brand story, now you’re looking out for partners who could help you with the real setup of your online footprint – the logos, the website followed by the marketing activities and then retention & reputation management. 

I always hear from budding entrepreneurs that they get lost in terms of how to begin their shop online. They get suggestions from peers: some say SEO worked the best for them, influencer marketing works great for some, advertising on Facebook doesn’t work at all for some and so on. In case you have similar questions – you can write to me on [email protected] and I’ll personally answer your questions.

Assuming you have the basic budgets and/or expertise, if you are confused about how to align these online footprint building activities, marketing activities and so on, you can drop your information on the form below and you’ll receive an email with the link to our spreadsheet 🙂

This spreadsheet will give you an idea of how to place your activities like brand building, identity creation, digital marketing activities and so on over the span of 1 year. Of course, the idea is to start yielding sales as soon as possible, preferably from the 6th month. It also sheds light upon the top things you should be doing for every activity, here’s an example:

Ecommerce plan spreadsheet


Drop your information on the form below and you’ll get the link to our spreadsheet 🙂

Do share your thoughts/suggestions as comments to this blog or directly write to me on [email protected].

Let’s make starting up an eCommerce business as easy as it can be for our peers. 🙂