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Building an E-commerce Website for One of Canada’s Largest Independent Packaging Solutions Companies | Keypak

About the brand

KeyPak is one of Ontario’s largest independent packaging solutions companies. They started as a family business in London, Ontario back in 1994, and been in the industry for over 25 years. With over 3000 quality products in their catalogue, they’re a one shop stop for all the packaging solutions needs.


Revamping the Website


Packaging & Shipping


Website Development

Case study subject

Website Development & Search Engine Optimization

Delivery Overview

We revamped their existing website with our customized design and development solution. The objective was clear from day one to deliver a high performing website with a modern edge to it. The brand emphasized on improving the user experience that would make their customers come back for more. We’re proud to announce that we met the brand expectations.

Now, we’re also helping the brand in ranking to the top of the search results for relevant keywords with our Search Engine Optimization solution.


We knew from day 1 that this project would be a stepping stone for us to enter the new market. But, there were some hiccups down this journey:


  • Mismatch in timezones.
  • Uploading 3000 products on the website in a short timeframe.
  • Existing framework & integrations.


  • We streamlined the process by collating the dependencies before we ended our day. By next morning, client would clear all the dependencies ensuring the work never halted.
  • Manual uploading of 3000 products was not an option we could afford considering the tight timelines. So, excel automation came to our rescue helping us speed up the process.
  • Since the earlier website was built on poor foundation, we came up with a theme that met the overall brand objectives.
  • Check the website here: https://www.keypak.ca
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