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Recently Meta has launched new AI tools for advertisers to assist them to be creative and productive on its platform. These new tools are Background Generation, Image Expansion, and Text Variations. These tools are currently tested and refined based on feedback from a diverse group of advertisers.

Let’s talk about these features and how it is going to help the advertisers¬†

  1. Background Generation: This allows advertisers to generate multiple backgrounds to complement their product images automatically, and also create more visually appealing and engaging ads which will save time & effort.
  2. Image Expansion: This adjusts image sizes that will fit on the different formats of the ads like Facebook Feed or Instagram Reels. Along with that, it will help advertisers ensure that their ads are always displayed optimally, regardless of where they appear.
  3. Text Variations: This will allow advertisers to write multiple versions of ad copy using the advertiser’s original text. Also, it will highlight product features and suggest text to better reach target audiences. So it will help the advertisers to create an effective ad copy that resonates with their audience.

Experiment to know what works for you:

  1. You can Experiment the different background styles and image sizes and see what works best for your ads.
  2. You can even experiment with the Text Variations to generate ad copy and see what suits your target audiences.
  3. Also, you can test out different versions of your ads and see which works the best.
  4. Monitor the performance of your ads and make adjustments as it is needed.


So these are the features of these new AI tools that are going to be launched for the advertisers. These are a welcome addition to the company’s advertising platform which will help advertisers with various things, also save time, improve their creativity, and create more effective ads.