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Digital marketing has often proved to be impactful in real estate marketing throughout the years. The tactics have proved successful in recent years and cannot be disregarded. However, you need to have a strong online presence if you want to grow your real estate firm. Social media is increasingly being used by real estate firms to digitally market their properties.

Let’s take a look at how some of the well-known real estate industry brands boosted their brand presence with our digital marketing expertise!

1. Jagaha.com

Jagaha is a commercial property listing site in Mumbai that helps seekers in finding the right office space, shops for sale & more with its user-friendly website. Currently, they cater to the locations of Mumbai, Thane & Navi Mumbai.

With a carefully tailored strategy, the most relevant keywords in the market were targeted, and the USPs of commercial space listings were tapped into. This was paired with creating credible backlinks through a variety of off-page actions. The skyscraper method and other cutting-edge link-building strategies were employed, and these were the results:

Organic Traffic- increased by 291%
Lead generation- increased by 8X
Growth in revenue- increased by 3X


2. Work Square

Work Square is a co-working space that offers office infrastructure with an emphasis on promoting an in-house entrepreneurial community. They have 2 centers in Mumbai that house startups, freelancers, small companies as well as enterprises.

As Work Square started to enlarge its premises, lead generation was the main objective. DigiChefs, who have experience in a related field, suggested using Google Ads for sponsored advertising. We created and modified the strategic campaign with new techniques and experimented enough to witness impeccable growth within 3 months. CPLs were maintained almost stationary during this budget scale-up. The conversion was significantly improved as insightful targeting ensured high-quality lead generation.

Lead generation- increased by 2X in 3 months
Budget increase- 1.5X


3. Jamunda Hills

Jamunda Hills is an of its kind second home project based in Igatpuri. It is owned by Nashik-based GDC Group which has been in the real estate business for over 35 years now. Spread over 300 acres, the project aims at being one of the finest vacation home destinations in Igatpuri.

DigiChefs developed a campaign on the Ramayana and Lord Rama’s journey back to his home during the Diwali season. The narrative was presented in a series of articles that included people in cartoon form in real Jamunda Hills settings. This campaign was created to highlight the feeling of coming back home.

Organic Reach- 20,000 in the first week
Engagement rate- increased by 220%
Total Reach- 80,000


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