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Generated 21,000+ leads for a leading venture capital company by reducing the CPL by 40% | Venture Catalysts

About the brand

Venture Catalysts are “Startup Developers” who build successful companies by offering the right combination of capital, knowledge & network to passionate entrepreneurs. They have an Integrated approach to Startup Development where they bundle together all the elements that help startups become more successful. Brand’s intention is to create long lasting relationships and walk the journey together with all their stakeholders. The organization is built upon the very same principles.


To generate leads


Funding, Investment and Mentoring


Performance Marketing

Case study subject

Performance Marketing

Delivery Overview

  • Our core objective was to generate leads interested in investing in startups, for this we ran campaigns on various platforms like Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook
  • In the search campaign on Google, every keyword focused on “investor(s)” and “startups” and we kept on excluding irrelevant keywords on a regular basis
  • We also experimented with display and video campaigns which resulted in a good number of qualified leads
  • We created multiple audiences on Facebook to target audiences interested in investments & startups
  • On LinkedIn, we experimented with a combination of Job Titles, Seniority, Industries, Member Groups, etc,. to increase the audience size & to ensure we reach a relevant audience
  • We experimented with various headlines for both InMail and sponsored content ads which helped us generate leads at comparatively lower CPL
  • We also launched “Lead Form” campaigns which helped us to get more leads at lower CPL
  • We also ran extremely rewarding “Remarketing Campaigns”
  • A Lead Generation campaign was launched on the “Taboola” platform as well

Campaign Creatives


We generated a astonishing 21000+ leads at the CPL of Rs.484 (Nov’2019 – Aug’2022)

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