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Generated 5k Leads For A SAAS CRM Software Company

About the brand

SAAS CRM Software Company is an all-in-one cloud based contractor’s business platform that is flexible, easy to use and is highly intelligent. It allows contractors and their teams to meet their business, strategic and personal goals in a simple, easy to adopt format.


To generate leads




Performance Marketing

Case study subject

Performance Marketing

Delivery Overview

  • Our campaigns structure was based on targeting specific regions in the US having an contractors who would be interested in complete management software.
  • We used Google Ads for people searching for specific queries and Facebook ads for
  • While also reaching out to remarketing audiences i.e people who have installed the app but not signed up and people who have visited our website/landing pages. Secondly reaching out to lookalike audiences of people who have signed up i.e specific target types, etc
  • For Google, we experimented with almost all campaign types i.e search, display, discovery, video, app, smart campaigns, etc.
  • We experimented with an idea to drive more traffic & generate more leads by using another brand name & landing page which is CompanyCRM. Offering people a 30 day free trial with the same contractor software.


    • Average FB & Google Campaign Stats –

– Reach: 52,36,451
– Leads: 5207
– Registrations: 924
– %CR – 18% (From Lead Fill to Paying Customers)

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