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Viral is the new virus and it just needs few symptoms like good content, trending topics to spread. Brands try their best to go viral to maintain brand awareness and to gain a new audience. In today’s date, the new wave the brands are following is rather than creating their own trend, they pounce on the existing one and play along with it. Incorporating their brands with the trending topics is what has been followed these days.

This strategy is known as trend jacking. The audience always enjoys and relate to the trends. Brands being a foot forward connect themselves with the trending topics for the audience to feel more relatable. Picking those trending moments to go along with the audience and to connect them is a social media movement which is been played.

To maintain that brand awareness, trend jacking helps a lot. It seems to be easy to follow and trend and conceptualise around it. It will be easier if you follow a few of these simple guidelines:

Using the right tools:

To know what exactly is trending and popular around the world, a precise tool will help you with that for relatable data and that tool is Google Trends. With the help of Google Trends you will get to compare two topics and which one is trending more and else is popular around the world. The tool also provides information on people’s interest in a specific topic over time. Once you keep your marketing calendar ready, it gets easy to build up ideas around the events that you want to mix in with your brand.

Incorporate trending memes:

Memes are the most relatable and engaging content these days. Every day some of the other content is getting viral considering it as a trending meme. Incorporating your brand with the trend makes it more relatable with the target audience. It gives the audience humorous content and it helps in brand awareness.

Utilize current holidays:

Holidays are the most audience attracting days. These are the best time to launch a marketing campaign or offer campaigns that focus on brand or services directly and choosing the correct social media platform. When it comes to holidays, your customers are always looking for potential deals and gift ideas. It is a great time to grow your followers and engage your audience with interactive content.

Trending hashtags:

Hashtags are one of the best tools to get the most organic reach. A hashtag signifies your campaign worldwide. No matter where are you in the world, trending hashtags help you to consider your content under that particular niche or category. Using the relevant hashtags showcase your content in that specific category. Twitter being the master of trending hashtags can help you find out the hashtags that are trending every day.

Social media being a vast and fast platform for businesses, there is a topic for everyone no matter what industry your brand fall within. There’s always going to be something for you to trend jack, whether it be a meme, holiday, or trending topic. You choose any path, make sure you are reaching your audience at a personal level and remaining authentic to your customers. If you take things rightly, you will be able to create a word of mouth around your brand and reach new customers. This will spread your brand name on social media platforms.