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Improved the Qualified Lead Ratio by 2X & Achieved 10% Site Visits Ratio | Vardhan Heights

About the brand

Established in 1951, Vardhan Group has constantly been ranked as one of the top real estate developers in Mumbai for over 6 decades. For its unerring strive for quality & reputation for timely completion, the group continues to pave new paths in the construction industry.

Welcome to a home that’s surrounded by panoramic city views, tranquillity and unrivalled amenities. Vardhan Heights is your gateway to an ideal life with the best commuting facilities & advanced amenities at a stone’s throw!

That’s when we say, Vardhan Heights is a well-planned project keeping your needs and aspirations in mind.


Increase Site Visits, Reduce Cost of Qualified Leads


Real Estate


Performance Marketing

Case study subject

Performance Marketing


  • Low site visits
  • Higher CPL
  • High Cost Per Qualified Leads
  • Finding the right audiences to target: The original targeting was extremely generic
  • Increase in conversion rate: The website wasn’t properly structured

We have worked with similar clients but the challenges were new

  • Lowering the CPL
  • Increase in site visit ratio
  • Decrease cost per qualified leads

Trumped Strategies & Delivery Overview

  • Optimising the target CPA bids which helped us to lower the CPL
  • We focused on pricing, offers and USPs in ad copies as per the target audience and this helped us to attract quality leads.
  • We tested CALL campaigns as people are more likely to be more engaged over a phone call. This strategy helped us to increase the volume of the lead as well as improve the lead quality
  • We kept optimising keywords, adding relevant keywords, pausing non-performing and negating irrelevant keywords to improve the campaign performance
  • We created regional language ad creatives, and this proved to be a perfect strategy to lower CPLs
  • We focused on pricing and offers in ad creatives as the target audience which helped us attract quality leads. We also created festival-specific ads.
  • We also put a virtual tour video on the website to help the prospects visualise the experience


  • Achieved a 10% site visits ratio on total leads
  • Improved the qualification ratio by 2X
  • Average session duration increased by 20%
  • Generated 40X ROAS overall
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