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“There is a growing concern amongst digital marketers regarding the Instagram algorithm. In this digital age, it is imperative to understand how to use it proficiently and effectively”.

The algorithm’s workings are yet to be known. However, there is an agreement that the introduction of IG’s new reels function had a huge impact on the algorithms. It is easier to acquire more views on reels than on posts. This, of course, has shifted the way content has been generated and consumed on Instagram.

1. Carousel Creatives

Carousel posts are ideal for displaying more information or detailing about a product as well as rotating several viewpoints in the same frame to highlight amongst our followers.

While carousels are not prioritized by Instagram’s algorithms, posts with higher engagement receive more reach. Carousel posts account for 18% of feed postings, and data shows that they get 3x engagement and reach 1.7 percent of other content.

2. Constantly posting on your feed

Businesses, on average, publish two posts every day on their feed. If that sounds like too much, rest assured that simply showing up on a regular basis (every weekday, for example) will suffice.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri highlighted during Creator Week in June 2021 that a posting cadence of two feed updates per week and two Stories per day is optimum for growing a following on the platform.

3. Post when your target audience is online

This is one of the simplest to implement. Instagram users spend an average of 30 to 40 minutes per day on the platform, and Instagram aims to provide them with fresh, relevant material.

Looking at your own audience’s behavior, industry benchmarks, and keeping in mind when people are normally on Instagram are all part of determining the optimal time to publish to Instagram.

Pro tip: According to research, the optimal time to post is at midday.

Of course, the optimal time to post isn’t always the most convenient, so check Instagram for automated analytics reports if your audience is online at 4 a.m.

4. Make better use of hashtags

Brevity and intelligent hashtags communicate what’s in your post to people and the algorithm, as well as who might be interested in it. Don’t just slap #instagood #insta on everything to utilize hashtags effectively. Instead, look through your material. Use hashtags that describe your message to ensure that it reaches the intended audience.


This is why it is critical for creators to learn and implement these best practices, as they will help them increase interaction on their posts and, in the long term will help their content be favored by the algorithm.

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