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Hashtags are the most commonly used feature of social media, using relevant and trending hashtags in your content can definitely help you scale up your reach and increase your chances of appearing in the trending section and to your relevant audience.

Knowing which hashtags to use and when to use them is very crucial when it comes to sharing your content online on social media platforms. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are some of the digital platforms that support hashtag search. 

But how to find the right hashtags for your campaign or utilize it well so that your regular content reaches the maximum number of the target audience? Let’s find out!

Seek Ideas on Twitter Trends: 

Twitter trends is an in-built twitter feature that allows the user to search the most popular or trending hashtags on the social network. 

Trends gives the user an option to choose or see trends that are personalized based on their location or people they follow.

One can also change the location and find trending Twitter hashtags for specific places.

This feature has proven to be of great help when it comes to tracking and following trends on hashtags, this can help a brand reach its target audience. 


Another option to track down popular trends and get more reach, followers and engagement is to make use of well known tools that help you identify the most trending hashtags. 

Hashtag Tracker – Hashtag Tracker is a tool that shows you how many people are mentioning a popular hashtag in a particular time frame or language. Run a quick hashtag search and you will find your answers. Once you find relevant hashtags, run them through the social listening tool to see the metrics and the mentions within the posts.

KeyHole – KeyHole is a most popular social media analytics tool as it provides in-depth data analysis in a manner that’s easy to follow.

AgoraPulse – Primarily, AgoraPulse is a platform that simplifies social media presence management. Its secondary use is to track your performance on your social platforms, making it a useful hashtag analytics tool.

Brand24 –  This tool helps you track and analyze the mentions of your dedicated hashtags across various forums, websites, blogs and social media platforms.

The data is gathered and presented in a comprehensible chart, which gives you a glimpse not only of the performance of your hashtags, but also of the influencers that have been talking about your brand.


Follow Favorite Hashtags: 

If you found an Instagram hashtag that is relevant to you, follow it, this will enable you to see top posts once people share them. Searching for certain hashtags will develop new ideas and show you similar hashtags on Instagram.

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