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SEO and Google Ads. While both of these are strategies completely opposite to each other, they have one very important thing in common it helps businesses appear in top positions of Google.

If both of these strategies are used in unity with each other they can give you quality results in your SEO as well as your ads campaigns.

While doing a Google ads campaign your main motto is to get leads that are quality and justify your spending money on your ad budget, whereas SEO is the practice of optimizing the website that generates organic visibility for your business

In this post, I’ll walk you through how I have used Google ads campaigns that have been run for our clients and leveraged them to optimize their websites better

1. Unlocking Valuable Insights: Leveraging Search Term Data from Google Ads for SEO Content Strategy

As an SEO expert there are many ways and strategies to do keyword research, but using Google ads might be the most unconventional one that I have used in my career. When SEOs do their keyword research or research for blog topics, we either go on a third-party tool like SEMrush Kwfinder or Answer the Public, while these are great tools, they are still third-party parties and they might not have much accurate data you running a campaign dashboards might have, as these are real-time data, auto-populated by google to serve your ads campaigns better. 

Google ads in the keywords segment

How to use the Google ads dashboard for keyword research and leverage it for your SEO?

  • Go to Google ads in the keywords segment and have a look at the search terms panel 
  • Filter out phrase match keywords. These are some keywords that people searched in Google that caused your ads to show
  • You can use these keywords to write blog posts to get organic traffic for your website

Want to know more about how to run paid campaigns get in touch with our team of Google ads specialists.

2. Maximizing ROI: Leveraging High-Performing Ad Keywords for SEO Success

Using keywords that are performing well on your ads and using them on the website and in the SEO campaign is a great way to reduce the CPC and improve the quality score and CPC. If you have a high-cost keyword that performs well, that is a clear indication of why you need to mention and use this keyword on your website. Let’s say you are getting conversions for the keyword “how to get nse stock prices in Excel” for your ad campaign and you do not have a page created for this service. Creating a page using this keyword and trying to rank for it would be a great way for you to get leads organically. When you do rank for this keyword eventually then you just have to remove this keyword from your ad campaign and put that money on some other keyword. 


Google Ads Keywords


3. Data-Driven SEO: Leveraging Google Ads KPIs to Optimize Keyword Strategy

By looking at KPIs like Average CPC, Impressions, Clicks, and conversion you get an understanding of what keywords are working for you and whether or not you should move them in your SEO campaign.

4. Testing your Landing Pages

To improve the performance of your ads and website, it is important to analyze your landing pages and understand how users interact with them. You can use the behavior of your users of ads campaigns on your page to make changes and optimize your landing page copy until you find the best possible version. It could be that the users are not liking the content of your webpage. In that case, getting in touch with a content writing company might be a good idea.

5. Experimenting with Meta Tags

An advantage ads professionals have over SEOs is that they have multiple choices of titles and descriptions on just their ads. This means they can serve a different set of titles and descriptions to get the most CTR. Here is where SEO Specialists come in, you need to take the titles and descriptions that perform the best and use them the same on your landing page and you probably would get the same result.

SERP page

6. Keywords that have high impressions

If there is a term that has a large number of impressions, it might be a good idea to investigate this keyword and think of whether you should use it on your website.

How would it affect your Paid Campaigns?

If the keyword of your campaign is ranking organically, that keyword would cost you less CPC and result in improving your quality score. Some other benefits your ad campaigns would get if you employ the above SEO strategies are below.

  • Better quality score
  • Improve Ad Rank
  • Thorough Keyword Research
  • A greater understanding of your customer base
  • Improved Reach