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SEO Excellence: 95.2% Increase in Lead Count in 6 Months | Western Equipments

About the brand

Western Equipments is a leading commercial refrigeration supplier and manufacturer in India, operating two state-of-the-art manufacturing units. They specialize in eco-friendly Commercial Beverage Coolers and offers a wide range of products, serving renowned clients like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Carlsberg. They are considered pioneers in introducing dispensers and stainless steel equipment for the hospitality industry.

Organic Traffic.


Commercial Refrigeration



Case study subject

Search Engine Optimization

Delivery Overview

  • We have been managing SEO for Western Equipments, a leading supplier and manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment in India, for over a year. In our one year campaign our main goal was to drive business growth by increasing visibility and attracting more customers.
  • To increase clicks and traffic, we analyzed our top-performing product pages and added relevant schema markups. Implementing rich snippets with product information such as price, availability, ratings, and reviews in search results significantly improved click-through rates throughout the website. Now, when users search for relevant products, they can instantly access important details such as price, availability, ratings, and reviews directly from the search results.
  • Furthermore, we conducted Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) on our most visited pages, resulting in increased traffic and leads on the “Contact Us” pages. By providing a seamless user experience, we successfully encouraged visitors to engage with website and its top pages. Overall, our dedicated team has effectively boosted the brands online presence, contributing to a significant growth in the leads & business.

Google Analytics (Apr’22 V/S Nov’23)

Insight: Website’s major KPIs achieved substantial growth, surpassing that of Nov 2022. We aimed for a minimum 30% organic traffic increase, Within six months we not only accomplished the goals but exceeded them
Outcome: Exceeding expectations, our strategy generated remarkable revenue growth for our clients. We saw a massive growth of 95.2% in our goal completions

Product Snippets Optimization

Insight: Our effective advanced level ecommerce strategies and targeted SEO efforts drove significant organic growth.

In Nov’22, we found that we had ranking for most of our product pages but were not receiving any traffic on them. So we added product schemas and after ranking for Product Snippets we saw an increase in traffic for our product pages.

Google Analytics (June’22 V/S June’23)

Insight: With our advanced level SEO strategies, we have not only achieved steady growth in website traffic but also witnessed an impressive YoY increase of 29.86% in organic sessions for the month of June.


  • In our SEO campaign, we aimed to exceed our goals and achieved remarkable success, boosting leads and goal completions by an impressive 95.2% within six months. Our strategic keyword selection and optimization led to a significant increase in campaign sessions, with user numbers rising by 40.4% and new users by 41.8%.
  • Additionally, our focused efforts on click-through rate (CTR) resulted in a significant 48.2% increase in clicks on our most visited pages. Our off-page endeavors led to a remarkable growth of 190.7% in organic impressions and website visibility.
  • Thanks to our technical improvements of adding schemas, Product Snippet Appearances experienced a tremendous boost, with impressions soaring from 0 to 73.K, accompanied by an astounding increase in clicks of 4.1K.
  • Overall, our campaign not only achieved its traffic and ranking objectives but also delivered outstanding results in terms of organic goals and revenue realisation.
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