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Getting views on YouTube organically is one thing that most brands focus on. Youtube is an important platform and brands should include YouTube in their content strategy. When it comes to creating videos for YouTube, you need to make sure that they are very crisp & also should be of high quality. Here are some tips that you need to follow to get more views on your videos on YouTube & also have organic subscribers & likes.

1. Research & find who your Target Audience is:
It is really important that you make sure you know your target audience as they are the ones who consume the content you put out. Make sure that you know their behavior, interests, and psychographics. Know them in and out by checking YouTube Analytics.

2. Make content that adds value in their lives:
You need to make sure that you put out content that adds value in your audience’s lives. You need to plan content that educates & entertains them, at the same time. When you do proper research on your audience, you’ll know what type of content they expect from you, whether it’s short videos or long videos, fun content or serious content, etc. Choose the YouTube video editor that cater all your video editing needs.
For the edutainment, if you are skincare or a makeup brand, you can post stuff like how-to tutorials, best sellers, beginner tutorials, etc.

3. Create crisp & eye-catchy thumbnails:
Posting a high-quality thumbnail is very important as today’s generation will click the video only if they like the thumbnail. You need to use bright colors, minimal text, good background, a human image & also an interesting USP. 

The dimensions of a thumbnail are different from normal statics. Exaggerate everything in your thumbnail to capture the attention of the viewer.
Also, once your video blows up, you can also change the thumbnail to the number of views that you got so that anyone new who sees your video will immediately click on it. An example of that is:


4. Asking your viewers to like & subscribe:
Sometimes, people forget to like & subscribe to your channel. There are many famous YouTubers who make sure that they ask their viewers to like their video & also subscribe to their channel because this will help them grow & also reach a lot of audiences.
You can also add it in the outro so that even if people have forgotten, they will make sure that they subscribe.

5. Find a proper time to schedule & adhere to it:
You need to analyze what time your audience is the most active & publish videos at that time to get more views. When you develop a schedule for posting, this will help you to get loyal viewers who wait for you to post on that particular day.
With YouTube, you can also schedule your videos. This will help you to always stay consistent and preplan your content. 

6. Make sure you have captions auto-generated for all types of Target Audience:
Sometimes, YouTube has auto-generated captions but not all the time. There are various tools on the internet that help you to generate captions for your videos. There is a small charge but that will help you to gain engagement. If your videos are not according to your Target Audience, it’ll not help you gain views. You can manually do that as well.

7. Make a playlist:
A playlist is an option that YouTube provides so that you can have a specific niche of videos for a particular topic. The audience can save the playlist and also come back to watch more.
Playlist helps you to segregate the videos & also makes your channel look organized. Playlist makes the videos automatically play one after the other. This helps you gain more views.

8. Have an end screen:
Having an end screen helps the viewers to see the previous videos or the videos that you want them to view. This will help you gain confidence. You can also have a video suggestion in the middle of the video & point it by saying you can watch this for reference. This will help the audience stay hooked to the content for a long time.

YouTube Views are a task but if these tips are effectively utilized, you’ll surely get the results that you want. Consistency is key. If you consistently put out content, your reach will increase and your engagement will increase.


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