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YOU, YES YOU! Looking to get a hand for your ever changing, ever growing and every challenging Instagram Marketing strategy?

Nope, I’ll not try to sell you any of our services! But yes, today I’ll talk about 5 most useful tools that I’ve found on the Internet that will help you increase followers & boost your Instagram marketing strategy. These tools will not only process Instagram content faster but also create quality content and elevate your brand presence online.

The Photoshop On The Go

Harry always had Hermione to fix her glasses, whenever they broke! Ever wished you had something similar, something magical?
Ever wished that you could do what Photoshop can, whenever you can, on the phone, at a faster speed? You’ve probably asked too much!

Well, Google has just an app that would help you edit your pictures on the move – SnapSeed.
Available on PlayStore, App Store.


Probably the underdog of photo editing apps on this planet today. Developed by Google, SnapSeed is a very best photo editing app.
It may require getting some used to it because this is not your usual photo editing app. Here, you are in complete control of your picture.
Start using it, and you’ll get the best out of your image.

Best Features:
Healing – Have a smudge in the picture, a piece of trash spoiling your almost perfect shot? No worries, just open a picture, choose healing and tap on the part of the picture you want to remove, and voila! It’s magical! ( I promised! ).
Of course, this would require some getting used to.
Brush – Here, no moronity, just a simple brush, as you’d find in any photo editing software. You can keep swiping the screen till you adjust your Exposure, Temperature, Saturation or adjust Dodge & Burn.
Selective – Need a very small or a very large part of a picture dark, light or vivid? Just choose ‘Selective’ and click on the area where you want to adjust. A perimeter point will be dropped. Pinch to adjust the diameter of the point and swipe to adjust.
Perspective – This is a very smart and useful feature if you’re into photography. If you’re a pro, then you already know about this, if not then, it is a simple photo editing software that helps change the perspective of the photo clicked. Just choose ‘Perspective’ and adjust according to taste. The more you practice, the merrier the app gets. One of the best photo editor app which makes your image picture perfect.

Best Uses: Photo enhancing, photo-cleaning

Swiss Army Knife For Instagram

If you’re a professional Instagram marketer (or social media!) you probably have a lot of apps on your phone. An app for editing, an app to suggest hashtags, an app to repost, an app to probably remind you to check Instagram (or stop using it!).

Enter HashFun, your all-in-one app that can do more than just suggesting hashtags!
Available on PlayStore.


HashFun has feature list which looks endless, but all-in-all, it is just a well-curated, well-thought tool to help us Instagrammers and Marketers. What does it do more than just suggest hashtags?

Best Features:
Hashtags – yeah, yeah, I know, “It is a hashtag app, what is so BEST about it?”
Well, technically everything. The popular section shows you – topics and then inside mood and genre-wise trending hashtags which are the most popular hashtags on Instagram. Isn’t that a bit insane?
Here you can also create your own personal collection of hashtags which you may use later in the future. Faster.
Trending – What’s boiling hot, will land in this section. Pick one for you know what! 😉
Auto & Caption – One of my most favourite features is Auto. Almost sorcery this!
Has it ever happened to you that you have one very beautiful picture, ready to upload, but you suddenly cannot come up with a good caption? No problem! Just upload the picture on the Auto section and it’ll not only recommend popular hashtags based on the picture but also recommend caption! I’ve tried it multiple times, the AI works every time, like a charm!
Other Features – If you click on hamburger menu, you’ll find a lot of tools which you might probably have an app for. You’ve got IGTV saver, an Instagram picture cropping tool and more.

Best Uses: Hashtag Strategy, caption suggestion & IGTV

Power-up your Story-telling game

Thinking, planning and creating Impactful Instagram stories is one of the most challenging stuff to do. But once you start enjoying the art of storytelling, there is just room for betterment! Help yourself and speed up your story execution TAT by using StoryArt
Available on PlayStore, App Store.


Best Features:
Free Templates – There is just more than enough free templates for you to play with and never repeat. Even if you want more, you may purchase a paid version to unlock more templates.
Powerful and simple editor – While editing, you get complete freedom of things, where and how you want it to be.

Best Uses: Creating beautiful stories, collage.

One Link, To Rule Them All

Once you’ve told an incredible story, it is obvious that a user will try to find more about your business. That is when he’ll land on your bio and click on the website on it. This is how you know you are playing right with your Instagram marketing strategy. There are a lot of businesses online who always have a variety of content and different website links to divert the audience to, here, the best and most useful tool I found is LNK.BIO. (https://lnk.bio/)
LNK.BIO’s single link will offer you multiple options to a user to visit.

Link bio

Best Features:
Price – One of the best parts of the tool is the price. For a single account, it is free, for multiple accounts and customized link, you may pay more. But even the paid version is very affordable.
Easy to use – The process of signing up is very simple, no coding required here (and still the sorcery continues!) Just Sign-in using the Instagram account and get a unique single link for your bio.

Best Uses: Link aggregation, customer journey improvement.

Do You Need A Director’s Cut?

Powerful and free, two words that are never found together often (with watermark, yes!). But not with YouCut!
With YouCut, you can edit videos on the go. Simple, fast, powerful video editor
Available free on Play Store.


Best Features:
Filters – What is the next level of video editing? Yes, able to add filters in the video on your phone! Simple to add, a lot of options to explore.
Music – Add or keep background music, ideal if you want to add music to your video.
Crop – Video cropping is one of the most un-attended issues for Social Media managers is what I feel. An incorrect aspect ratio can sometimes kill your video efforts. With YouCut, you can simply choose crop and adjust your video’s size to pre-requisite ideal sizes of the Instagram, without cropping and losing the video portions.

Best Uses: Video editing, video trimming, video cropping.

BONUS – Bored? Use this. Out of content? definitely, use this!

Mirror Images or Kaleidoscopic images are still not used on Social Media a lot. But I personally feel that if practiced and used correctly, once in a while you can post very stunning artworks and stories. Install Mirror Lab on your phone and explore how it can change your image drastically and dramatically!
Available on Play Store.


Best Features:
Complex Reflections – The magic starts as you move from left to right. The complexity of the image also increases. One of the best effects is in Complex Reflections section. Choose a good photo and start experimenting.
Intensity, Distortion & Options – The more you explore, the better the app gets. The key is finding the right image you can play with. Mostly non-objective landscapes are the best for experimenting and understanding what the app does the best. Choose Intensity and see how you can dramatically change your outcome. Distortions can remove fine lines from the picture and other options vary to their effects.

Best uses: Photo editing.

These are some simple tools & tips which will help you increase followers & boost your Instagram marketing strategy.

Now you have the fuel to your wildfire, go on, burn the internet! Adios!

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