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Digital marketing is a fresh business vertical, it’s yet to be incorporated in our academics completely. As a result, we don’t have educated & experienced whales in this domain; everyone is still a fish (big, small or mere fingerlings). Time and again my students have always pursued me to find an answer for what must one do to excel in their digital marketing careers, well peeps here you go.

Knowledge is Power


1.Passion to Learn:

As Lord Petyr Baelish rightly said, “Knowledge is Power”.The good and bad part about the “Digital Domain” is that it is still in the nascent stage; as a result, everybody is a newbie here. The thing that will change this “newbie” status for you is the knowledge that you have. So the ability to grasp new things and passion to learn is going to decide one’s fate in this booming industry. To be honest, I feel this particular quality should be part of your personality generally. You can get out of the mediocrity rut by simply knowing more every day.


Communication Skill


2.Communication Skills:

Digital marketing is all about digital communications, it involves, content, graphics, strategies, presentations, pitches etc. It doesn’t end there, one needs to effectively communicate these thoughts and reports to the clients, or consumers, which is why good vocal and written English is extremely important.

Web Analytics



Back in the days, it was extremely difficult to measure return on investment (ROI) on marketing campaigns because the only data available was that of the end business conversion (sales, revenue etc.). But with technology advancements, the digital gods have blessed us with real-time data about interactions happening with our campaigns. In fact, one of the major reasons why digital industry boomed is that website analytics provides real-time data of interactions happening with your website, ads, social media posts etc. This gave us the power to modify, tweak or expand campaigns to rightly reach our audiences.


Comfortable with Technology


4.Comfortable with Technology:

No, I don’t mean you need to be a technophile. Comfortable with technology simply means, one should not be overwhelmed by the usage of technology, the simple reasons being that digital marketing is all “digital” and it is controlled by devices. At the least, you should at least be using all of the digital platforms yourself so as to handle someone else’s online business account with ease. If you are the types who need a break from technology then this simply isn’t your field bruh.


Quick Learner


5.Quick Learner:

By the time you reach this part of the article Google probably has done a new algorithm update, Instagram has added video calling functionality, Snapchat has changed its UI, Facebook introduced its matchmaking service. Yes, that’s how fast the digital world moves. So how do you stay upto speed with such advancements, well simply use these features as they come. This ensures that you do not just know the new feature, but also know how to “actually” use it for your clients.

If you are planning to start a career in the digital domain then don’t have double thoughts about it, this is a booming industry with great career potential. Do remember age is just a number here, I have taught students ranging from fresh graduates to people with 10 years industry experience and who were at times almost double my age. I have lead and seen peers leading people elder to themselves, and this is only possible in an industry where domain expertise holds more value than anything else.

Well, digital marketing is like an express train and it’s leaving, the question is, is the train headed to your destination? If yes, are you going to board it?

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