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While this is a challenging time for all of us, personally with all the stress in the world around us & professionally with most of our businesses almost on a standstill, I want to help you to see this situation in a “the glass is half full” kind-a way.

Here are some top things I recommend you to be doing for your brand in the lockdown.

1. Strengthen the branding game

See how you’re currently perceived by your audience currently vs how you’d rather want to be perceived. ​Prepare a plan of action. Say, textual changes on the website, fresher social media creative campaigns, to ensure that in the next 2 quarters to improve your digital footprint.


2. Run e-commerce/lead generation campaigns

Yes! We experimented with a ‘Lockdown Sale’ for a few clients, and it’s working phenomenally well. The ‘Return on Ad Spends (ROAS)’ jumped from 3 to 6 for a few of our brands in no time. Primarily, due to low competition by advertisers on Google & FB at the moment, the CPCs are cheap! Remember to disable COD. The CPLs for our lead generation campaigns have reduced too. Do note, if you’re in a business where leads go cold too fast, you may want to limit your daily spends.


3. Gain followers on your social channels

This could be done via contests, engaging content, or simply by running ads within the platform (say FB, Instagram). For our clients, the ‘cost per follower’ has reduced by 50% already. Your audience is spending a lot more time on social channels than they usually do. Make the most of this situation!


4. Fix your SEO 

We’ve always said SEO is long term, needs constant efforts, has no guarantee and what not! Well, this is the right time to experiment with SEO then. While your inventory is stuck or you can’t generate enough footfalls, better start prepping up a ‘pull strategy’ via SEO. For my own business (DigiChefs), the sole lead gen mechanism is SEO. We rank for certain terms like ‘digital marketing agency in Andheri’ and that has helped me gain a solid topline.


5. Enhance your website UI/UX

Do thorough competitor research, look for international players too, and prepare a roadmap of how you can really improve your website’s user journey. Look at the finer details like – does your website exhibit your thought leadership (blog articles), trust (testimonials), expertise (achievements), processes, etc. I am personally looking at some of the best digital & ad agencies in the world, and improving the way my website comes across (clients like you).


So here we go, I’ve listed down some obvious, yet super important activities you could do for your business in this lockdown. If you have any queries, you can Whatsapp me right away! Just click on this link


Also, if you’ve managed to reach this far, I am offering a good deal on all our services, valid for contracts that we sign till 30th of April. Nevertheless, I’d love to see if there’s a way we can talk further on your requirements and if I can help in any form of FREE consultation. Like I always say, my time is FREE, I charge for my team’s time.

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