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Backlinks are very important for search engine optimization. The SEO optimization of a website is difficult for newbies. The health and strength of websites depend upon the quality of content, domain authority, and backlink of the website. The importance of backlinks cannot be denied in this era. The backlinks from strong websites help a lot in the ranking of a website. The backlinking strategy is important for the ranking of any website.

Some people try to spam Google by just backlinking and not giving any quality content. This is now recognized by Google and it does not rank the page that does not provide quality content. The algorithm of Google is very advanced so you should remember to provide great quality content on your website. You can consider backlinks as a source of trust for the website. The backlinks from good domain authority websites increase the domain authority of the website. The backlink taken from the website having a domain authority score of more than 70 tends to get ranking in Google very fast. The backlink taken from 10 great websites is better than taking 100 backlinks from low-grade websites. 

The websites stated below will get you backlinks from the best websites available on the internet. These websites are very helpful for small business SEO companies. So here are the top 5 best high-quality backlink generator tools for making backlinks.


Many SEO backlinks builder tools are used for making backlinks. These backlink generator tools give you backlink from high domain authority websites and backlinks from them help a website rank higher in Google. These tools always avoid low domain authority and spamming websites thus identified as high-quality backlink generator tool. The algorithm of this website creates backlinks in a very natural way. That helps the website to rank in the top position. 

Upon getting the backlink, you can use the DA, PA checker to check the domain authority and page authority of the website that gave the backlink. This tool is free of cost and instantly provides the result for your domain. The best thing is that this tool is capable of finding the domain authority in bulk quantity for up to 500 domains at the same time.

The backlink generator tool makes backlinks from all relevant websites. This website first analyzes a website and then starts making the relevant niche backlinks for the website that helps a website to rank higher. 

Tools Boost SEO

You can write content and publish it on your website but it will be useless if no one will read it. The ranking of content in Google is extremely difficult now and you have to work a lot in off-page SEO to rank in Google for the traffic of your website. This SEO backlinks builder tool is very simple to use and you just have to paste the URL in the box and it will start making backlinks for your website. 

This website is free to use and you can use it from anywhere in the world. This high-quality backlink generator tool helps you index the website on the Google search page and you can rank the page in a short time after you publish the content. The people may try to make your content their own. If Google does not recognize your content people can use your content. However, if your content has backlinks it will get a good ranking in Google and no one will be able to copy it. 

Safe SEO Tools

This SEO based backlinks builder tool is very good for websites. You just have to paste the URL in the given box and start making backlinks. The website also has a captcha that has to be filled in before making backlinks. If you have just launched a website and want Google to rank, get it ranked on Google for specific keywords. This SEO based backlink builder maker helps website owners and bloggers to rank their website on Google by doing the minimum effort. The websites present in the database of this website are all high authority websites. The website contains a lot of ads for the proper functioning of the website. In addition, this free high-quality backlink generator tool also has a blog to help the website owner to make their website good for ranking on Google.

Az SEO Tools

The high-quality backlink generator tool can rank the website within a month in the most popular search engines. Google, Bing, and Yahoo rank the websites that get a quality backlink from it. The backlink generator tool provides more than 2000 backlinks that help to generate backlinks quickly and readily. They can boost the ranking of the website from page 10 of Google to the first five pages in just a month and then to the first page of Google in 2-3 months.

The high-quality backlinks produced by this website always help to rank your website high on Google. They always update their website with good backlink websites that help them to provide good service to their users. The website also provides ping services that help to get quality backlinks from different websites very fast. It is free to use and you don’t have to register for using it. The website does not contain any ads and does not damage the user experience.

Just Web Tools

This SEO backlinks builder website is specially designed for website owners who want free backlinks fast. This backlink generator tool is very convenient. You just have to paste the URL in the box and click the submit button. The website will automatically start making backlinks for the website. 

This backlink generator tool provides high-quality backlinks and gets backlinks from the high authoritative website. It also makes backlinks for free and you don’t have to buy backlinks for your website. This high-quality backlink generator is considered very reliable by Google and backlinks from this website do not hurt the health of the website. As backlinks from some low-quality websites hurt the health of the website. 


The websites stated above are very easy to use and will help your website to get ranked on Google. The backlink generators are free to use for creating quality backlinks and you don’t have to download the software for use. Please share this with others around you and comment on your favourite part.

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