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While Coronavirus is taking over the world and its people, it is also gobbling up businesses. This situation is forcing the business owners to take the edge off their digital marketing game. However, this is a misconception of the highest order.

Lockdown shouldn’t deter you from continuing your business and building your online presence. Most of the businesses may forget the importance of SEO in Digital Marketing as a whole. These efforts should continue, principally for small to medium-sized businesses.

Keeping your website updated and optimized:

Optimization of a website is very crucial to get traffic and to maintain a particular level over the search engine. The main aim is to get traffic from diverse sources and also to get repetitive visitors. It will take four to six months for SEO to start showing results. This is generally accurate but keep in mind that this is when we start seeing results, and that SEO results grow over time.

When we say that we need to do SEO during lockdown, the primary reason for the same is that people are browsing the internet just about every hour of every day, and will surely land on your business’ website some or the other time. The impression created on the audience will be massive when they notice that the site is still optimised and user-friendly in terms of the user journey despite the bedeviling pandemic and the subsequent lockdown.

Maintaining the SEO effort:

With that being said about the audience perspective, the business perspective focuses mainly to maintain your SEO efforts so as to not lose your organic search results. Even if it ranks down, there are still high chances of retaining them and improving them since the SEO efforts are still constant.

We always talk about the competitors when we have full-blown SEO conversations where we think of strategies to rank better than them. Well, this is the right opportunity to rank better as most of the competitors may have gone in panic mode, since there are no SEO efforts vis-à-vis the misconception that I mentioned initially.

Importance of Local SEO:

If you haven’t yet stepped into the domain of local SEO, then this can be a stellar move to grow your business in terms of brand awareness. Google My Business provides a plethora of options starting from adding the business name, images to the opening and closing time of your business. You can use this to your advantage by telling your customers if you are open or not during lockdown and also inform them of your reopening.

You can also increase website traffic by providing links back to your website in the content that you post on your Google My Business page. You can take this time to post your business on local business listing websites, so that it becomes easy for the people who are interested in your services/products to find you after the lockdown ends, thereby leading to a boost in relevant audience.

Content does matter:

Content plays an important role in driving relevant audiences to your website. While there is much more to do at home, some people will still have the time to catch up on their reading. Given the state of mind, they would be expecting great content and what’s better than providing it in the field of your expertise which would also count as an opportunity to reach the targeted set of people. Posting great expertise-specific content also helps in showing the audience that you are an authority in that field, thereby strengthening your brand name.


The lockdown gives us surplus time to work on our strategies alongside the SEO efforts since most of the competitors would have taken their foot off the pedal. Coronavirus has ended lives, businesses, jobs and even relationships. However, humanity will still be taking a leap forward. The show must go on. When the pandemic comes to an end, we are going to be ready to rebuild our businesses.

So why not start it as early as possible i.e. NOW! This is the perfect time to use SEO to its maximum potential. If you need help for SEO services or looking for SEO consultants, you can reach us via the chat option present on the right bottom of the screen.

Stay home. Stay safe!

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