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Using “Invite Collaborator” Feature Of Instagram To Drive Reach & Engagement | Venture Catalysts

About the brand

Venture Catalysts is India’s top incubator for startups with an integrated approach that offers funding, mentorship, and networking.


We wanted to increase Awareness, Reach and Engagement for Venture Catalysts with the help of engaging Q&A reels to our leverage as well as the new collab feature of Instagram.


Funding, Investment and Mentoring


Social Media Marketing

Case study subject

Venture Catalysts + 9Unicorns Collab Campaign



Delivery Overview

  • We aimed to boost brand engagement and try out some latest Instagram features with this campaign.
  • We also wanted to be informative. We wanted to educate the audience about the process of getting funded by Venture Catalysts, and wanted to inform them that not only will Venture Catalysts and 9Unicorns help them grow and increase their market size, but they can also help increase product visibility, and ultimately help attain Unicorn status.
  • We created Q&A based engagement posts. Using the latest Instagram ‘Invite Collaborator’ feature, we collaborated with 9Unicorns as it is similar to Venture Catalysts in many ways. Thus we decided to use this new feature to our advantage and double our reach.
  • We posted a reel that depicted the stages of startup funding. The following content was designed considering all audiences types.
  • The video depicted three main aspects of startup funding.
    1. Venture Catalysts helps shaping your idea.
    2. Venture Catalysts provides strength to your idea by getting Investors.
    3. Venture Catalysts gives you a grand launch.


  • We did a total of 4 engagement Q&A Posts in Reel and static form.
  • We Reached a total of 4,000 accounts, had a total of 5,000 plays for our reel, with a total Engagement of 100.
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