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1. Instagram announces the release of draft stories.

It is expected that Instagram will introduce in the near future a feature allowing users to save Instagram Stories as drafts so that they can be posted later. Currently, this feature is only available for posts or reels. 


2. New Instagram safety guidelines for parents and tools to protect younger users.

Texting users who are under the age of 18 that are not following you will be prohibited by this restriction. The guide includes the latest safety tools and privacy settings, as well as a collection of tips and conversation starters to help parents talk about teens’ online presence with them.


3. Addition of scheduling to Facebook Stories, new options for advertising, and discovering businesses.

Among the new features announced by Facebook is the ability for businesses to schedule Stories across Facebook and Instagram, in addition to a new way to discover content on Facebook.


4. Google’s video advertising experiments will help refine marketing approaches.

Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular, which could increase your outreach and promotion efforts. According to Google, it has added a new video experiment feature to Google Ads, which will enable companies to test different approaches and refine their video marketing efforts.


5. Tests of new Facebook Stories creation option called “Green Screen”.

As a result of this new feature, users can display their video over a selected video or still image. Users will be able to add any video or image in the background of their Facebook Stories. This is similar to the Instagram feature already available.


6. New ‘Content Claiming Portal’ from Pinterest to better protect intellectual property.

As part of its new Content Claiming process, Pinterest is now providing users with more means to protect their intellectual property on its platform. Creators are now able to claim their original content and manage its future use via Pins by registering with Content Claiming.


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