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Hashtags on Instagram are really useful, they have always been.

They can assist you with reaching a specific demographic, attracting niche followers, increasing engagement, and developing a more positive and recognizable company image.

Hashtags can help your business reach new heights, but if you use them too often or without a clear strategy in mind, they will become ineffective. While picking the proper hashtags for Instagram can be difficult, you don’t have to guess.

The various types of Instagram hashtags

Hashtags are small chunks of text that can be used in a variety of ways. They can help you develop a community, increase the visibility of your account, or simply attract people who share your interests.

  • Branded hashtags: Branded hashtags aid in the development of a community centered on your company or brand. This might be used as a catchphrase. It might also be the name of a certain product you sell or even the name of your company. For eg: #DigiChefs 
  • Product or service hashtags: Product hashtags are used by businesses for posts about their products and services.
  • Campaign hashtags: If you’re running a campaign/sponsored ad, you may keep track of activity related to the campaign by using a unique hashtag.
  • Industry hashtags: These hashtags are intended to indicate the type of job you conduct and are more detailed than the hashtags for your products or services. For eg: #handmadejewellery
  • User-generated content’s hashtag: This form of a hashtag is tailored to your target audience. Because you, the firm, have no control over what gets posted, these hashtags differ from product, branding, and campaign hashtags. Others can use this hashtag to see images of your goods that have not been filtered or sponsored.
  • Conference/Event hashtags: You can use these hashtags as a firm or business owner to join in on the discourse about a specific event or industry conference.
  • Hashtags for specific locations: These are excellent for attracting local users. For eg: #mumbairestaurants or #kolkatacafes 
  • Hashtags for your industry on Instagram: These hashtags are fantastic for gaining greater exposure among other Instagrammers who do the same thing as you. 
  • Hashtags for cultural movements: On Instagram, hashtags for cultural movements like Black Lives Matter and Pride (LGBTQ+ community) exist (#BlackLivesMatter, #Pride, etc.). Use these hashtags to raise awareness, provide information, and clearly state your company’s position.
  • Phrase hashtags: Phrase hashtags like #readeveryday and #bestrong might give users an idea of what you do while also inspiring them.

Instagram Hashtags

Most commonly asked questions about hashtags:

  • Is there a definite number of hashtags that I can use?

The maximum amount of hashtags you can use is thirty. The average number of Instagram accounts is eleven, with half of them utilizing one to three. Depending on your Instagram marketing goals, you can utilize it more or less. More doesn’t always imply better. Instagram advises users to use no more than three to five hashtags for each post.

  • Is it necessary for me to include hashtags in all of my Instagram posts?

Yes! Certainly. Make an effort to select hashtags that are as specific or specialist as feasible. The fewer postings there are on a hashtag, the more likely you are to be seen by those who follow it. People are also more likely to engage with your post if the topic matter is really precise.

  • My Instagram posts are all similar. Is it okay if I re-use hashtags?

No. If you use the same hashtags frequently, Instagram’s algorithm may penalize you by pushing your posts down the page so they don’t appear for those tags. They may even ban your account if you use identical hashtags, as it may appear that you’re spamming users — or worse, that you’re an Instagram spammer.

  • Is there anything I should avoid putting as my hashtags?

Yes. Instagram keeps track of hashtags that aren’t allowed to be used. They do not, however, publish this list, and there is no reliable source.

If you’re unsure about your hashtags, use the app’s search feature to look them up. If they go against Instagram guidelines, a message will pop up and in case it is banned, it won’t appear.

That’s it, that’s pretty much all you need to know about Instagram hashtags! You will learn more about it when you try and experiment yourself.

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