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The last 2 years have redefined marketing strategies in the beauty and skincare industry. From traditional media to digital marketing, the shift has been substantially fruitful for the industry.

But why was this change crucial? The answer to this is convenience, prompt targeting and lead generation, performance analysis, and freedom to create facilitated by technology. It is now easier and more efficient to communicate with consumers across the globe, simply by using various social media platforms and channels. In fact, some of the biggest names in the beauty & skincare industry today, such as Glossier, Dove, and L’Oreal are constantly growing and retaining their customer base by optimally using digital marketing.

Did you know?
“Millenials are 247% more likely to be influenced by blogs or social networking sites”

Here are the 4 significant ways in which the beauty and skincare industry has benefited from digital marketing:

1. Social Media & Targeting

Consumers care about 3 key things:

  1. Accessibility
  2. Pricing & promotions
  3. Sense of affiliation

And all of these can be aced by any brand by simply curating optimized content to target the right audience and converting them into consumers. Instagram is one of the curators, in this scenario, known for its constant updates and innovation. From reels, influencer collaborations, live showcases, or trending videos, Instagram facilitates it all. 

2. Virtual Real-Time Experience

Virtual reality enabled through websites or social media channels is yet another major contributor to brand success. Consumers love the comfort of sitting at home and browsing, trying, and purchasing products online. And if a brand has that technology, it must incorporate the same into its digital marketing strategy to get a leading edge. 

3. Influencer Marketing

Fun fact!

92% make-up users get their information on make-up products from either an Instagram influencer or a YouTube vlogger.

Influencer marketing has gained visible momentum in recent times. A few of the key reasons are content relatability, engagement, and experience. As a result, an increasing number of beauty & skincare brands are maneuvering influencer marketing to enhance their content, and expand their reach. 

4. Analytics & Paid Ads

One of the greatest assets of digital marketing is analytics. It allows a brand to measure its performance, including reach, lead generation, and profitability using analytics. Good numbers, after all, are any brand’s best friend. With a plethora of analytics tools available in the market today such as Google Analytics, a brand can easily analyze the success of its marketing campaigns through websites, blogs, social media platforms as well as paid advertisements. 

It’s fair to say that digital marketing has taken over the world of e-commerce by offering consumers an interactive, inclusive, yet impressively personalized experience. 

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