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The Banking, Insurance & Financial sector is one of the biggest drivers of any economy. Being such a major player in the economy, it becomes imperative for the BFSI sector to adopt digital transformation.

Nowadays, people look for relevance & simplified experience when it comes to interacting with BFSI services. Hence, it’s high time for all the brands in this sector to have a unique digital marketing strategy in place that can help them stay connected with their customers and enhance their experience.

Did you know that 77% of people use one or more types of mobile payments?

Here’s how the BFSI brands can harness the power of digital marketing and differentiate themselves in the market.

1. Omnichannel Marketing
To ensure a seamless customer experience, BFSI brands must implement an omnichannel marketing strategy. From their app to their website to even the chatbot, they should make sure that their customers are able to interact smoothly with their services.

2. Video Marketing
People often find finance related information extremely complicated. BFSI brands can create informative videos about their services & products and educate their customers. When it comes to making financial decisions, people need to believe that they can trust you. Thus, through video marketing, businesses can make their audience feel more secure.

3. Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing can be a great medium for BFSI brands to increase their brand awareness. Most of the world’s population spends their time on social media, hence it only makes sense for the BFSI brands to create a unique social media presence.

4. Search Engine Optimization
An SEO strategy is a must have if BFSI brands want to achieve high digital visibility. Using specific keywords, they can rank at the top of the search results and make it easy for their audience to discover them. Through SEO, BFSI brands can
Increase their reach
Improve credibility & trust
Improve ROI

To connect with their customer base, it’s important for BFSI brands to build a credible & solid digital presence given that most of the human population spends most of their time on digital platforms.

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