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Today, digital marketing platforms have become a basic ground to connect with prospective customers. Being an ever-evolving field that greatly impacts the economic growth of the country, it’s crucial for the BFSI industry to stay relevant and adopt the digital way of marketing.

We’ve listed down below some amazing case studies of various BFSI brands that used digital marketing to achieve their goals.

Here’s how an SME loan provider used video marketing to create brand awareness.

FlexiLoans, a collateral free SME loan provider, wanted to increase its brand’s awareness. They created & uploaded a series of short animated videos on their social media and gained enormous engagement with:
50,000+ organic views
60,000+ reach

They also leveraged SEO for lead generation and saw a 37% increase in website traffic. They carefully studied their audience’s pain points and devised a strategy accordingly. With the consistent increment in traffic by an average of 35% quarter on quarter, they saw
5x increase in leads

Let’s take a look at a venture capital firm that used social media marketing to increase its social media engagement.

9Unicorns, a leading accelerator fund brand, used a storytelling narrative in their social media campaign #AdventuresOfStartups. Through this campaign, they achieved:
Organic reach of 7K+
Engagement of 1K

Let’s take a look at another venture capital firm that leveraged social media marketing to achieve more awareness & engagement.

Venture Catalysts, India’s leading incubator for startups, created a series of engagement Q&A posts in reel & static form. They also wanted to educate the audience about the startup funding process. Using the “Invite Collaborator” feature, they collaborated with 9Unicorns as well. Through this strategy:
They reached a total of 4000 accounts
Had a total of 5000 plays for their reels
Saw a total engagement of 100

Now, let’s see how Aditya Birla Money used an animated product walkthrough video to simplify the user registration process for their new app.

The user registration process was quite complicated for the users to understand, hence, the resolution was to create a video walkthrough that would break down each step of the process.
The video enabled new users to register on the app with ease
The multilingual approach made it easy for the user to consume content in their language of choice

Even wealth management & advisory firms have been catching up with digital marketing solutions for their growth.

Purnartha, a SEBI registered equity investment advisor, wanted to generate leads using paid advertising. They ran ad campaigns in 8 different target markets and improved their lead quality ratio by 50%.
They boosted CTRs by 23%
Generated 8087+ leads
Achieved an ROAS of 5.89X

Here’s how a private sector bank increased brand awareness using social media marketing.

RBL bank, India’s fastest growing private sector bank ran a campaign on Valentine’s Day amplifying their offers. The campaign #OffersKaPyaar was a huge success and achieved:
2.5x increase in organic reach
1.5x increase in engagement

For common folks, digital has become a way of life. To truly connect with their target audience, it’s imperative for the BFSI brands to be on digital platforms and interact with their audience. If you want to know more about how BFSI brands out there have benefited from digital marketing strategies, then read this case study here.