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There has been a dramatic change in schooling as a result of the growth of the internet. Students nowadays use the internet to learn, which has also played a critical role in transforming the education industry.

Most educational institutions are switching to a strong digitization process to engage with their targeted student groups now that students do not need to travel to traditional classes. This includes conventional educational institutions, which are now working hard to become a part of the fast digital process.

Before applying to any university, the majority of students conduct a Google search to review the courses and insights of the school. Take the example of a pre-med student who uses Google to look for the term “Best MBA college in Pune.” The search results may include your educational institution’s site, a list of the top institutions in Pune that are published on educational portals, and reportedly relevant YouTube links including a video explaining how to choose an MBA programme.

It becomes vital for educational institutions to build an impactful digital presence. The effective use of digital marketing may enable educational institutions to stand out online.

Did you know?
According to 71% of marketers, utilizing smart keywords is their go-to SEO tactic.

The educational industry requires a comprehensive marketing plan to attract more students and gain admissions inquiries. Since not every student will be eligible for your course, digital marketing strategies help you target the ideal candidates. Your course will be chosen by someone who shares your interests, field, or qualifications.

Here are the three significant ways in which the education industry has benefited from digital marketing:

1. Social Media Marketing
Education institutions should create a presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to interact with parents and students and learn more about their needs and expectations. The best way to obtain maximum reach and engagement is to devise a social media marketing strategy that includes developing and hosting live webinars and Q&A sessions on platforms like LinkedIn, YouTube, or Facebook. It will help you to interact with potential students.

2. Video Marketing
Students nowadays choose to study online via viewing lecture videos on YouTube or participating in webinar sessions. As a result, video marketing is an excellent strategy to increase lead generation. A great way to begin is with video marketing, which includes student testimonial videos to boost credibility. Many educational institutions frequently employ this strategy as video content also offers a high return on investment.

3. Search engine optimization
Career-specific courses are widely accessible on the market. Now is the time to take SEO factors seriously if you want to separate your education business domain from the rest. If you want to reap the long-term rewards of SEO, you must maintain technically solid, proper, and robust websites as a result of Google Analytics’ ongoing modifications. Students are the intended audience in this situation, and since they frequently use mobile devices, having mobile-friendly websites is essential. Only then will you be able to find your educational website among the top search results.

If you want your institution to stand out from the competition for the right reasons, you must be able to execute balanced and powerful campaigns that can cut through the clutter. Visit our industry case studies to learn more and discover how educational businesses are using digital marketing to generate more leads.