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There are hundreds of things you can work on to optimize the cost per lead for your lead generation campaigns. The most popular ones being – improving the user journey on your landing pages, impactful content on the landing page, improving the audience targeting mechanisms to broaden the reach and include relevant target groups. This article will tell you how to increase sales through Whatsapp Marketing. Generating leads is the key to every business’s success, WhatsApp lead generation can increase your overall sales & bring you closer to your goals. 

Here’s a growth hack that can help you reduce your cost per leads drastically. However, there are some caveats that you need to keep in mind:

  1. If your audience targeting mechanism isn’t solid, you may receive some junk
  2. You need to have an active response team to cater to leads
  3. You only get phone numbers to begin with, post which you can acquire information like name, email ID, etc.
  4. Connection with CRM can be a challenge

What do you need?

A phone number with a Whatsapp account, that’s it! 

Have you heard of WhatsApp for Business?

WhatsApp launched WhatsApp for Business in January 2018 to help businesses utilize the power of WhatsApp. You could now have a variety of features like business profile, proactive greetings, labeling messages, quick replies, etc. Many of these can be used to resolve the 4 errors mentioned above. 

Extending WhatsApp for Business, Facebook then launched WhatsApp APIs for businesses back in August 2018. Many brands have now opted for WhatsApp intimations instead of the traditional SMS. One of these APIs is a very simple ‘Message on WhatsApp’ API. 

Here’s what it looks like:


Here, ‘phone’ is the number where you want your customers to send you messages (your business number registered on WhatsApp for speaking with leads). The number could be registered as WhatsApp Business or otherwise is fine too. 

‘Text’ is the predefined text that you want your users to send you. 

In the above example, any person clicking on this URL from their mobile will see his/her WhatsApp app opened and the chat window of 98765432190 opened, with the predefined text “Hi”.

The predefined text can be encoded to include longer sentences like – “Hi, I am interested in digital marketing services!”. This will be encoded as “Hi%2C+I+am+interested+in+digital+marketing+services!”. You can easily do this by typing the code in the address bar of your browser and then pressing enter. The text automatically gets encoded. You can alternatively use a tool like – http://www.toolsvoid.com/urlencode

Thus, when the URL: api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=919876543210&text=Hi%2C+I+am+interested+in+digital+marketing+services!

When this URL is opened in any user’s mobile, it will open the WhatsApp app in their phone with the chat window of +919876543210 (which is the number of the business which showed the URL to the user) with text “Hi, I am interested in digital marketing services!”. Then the user just has to press enter. On desktop, clicking the URL will open WhatsApp Web, but it will still work.

Where can this technique be used?

Any marketing activity where you send users to a URL. You can use the URL in Facebook ads, Instagram ads, QR code campaigns, SMS campaigns, etc.

For a brand called Health Hatch (a health & nutrition clinic in Mumbai) that we generate leads for at DigiChefs, the cost per lead reduced by 70%!


When the bit.ly URL is clicked on the desktop, you will see a screenshot like this:


On pressing “Send” the message in blue box will go the defined business number. In this case “+91 8097….”

On clicking the URL in mobile, it will open WhatsApp like this:

Try this technique and let me know if this works with you on [email protected].

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