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As SEO Experts, there are a few traditional checklist strategies that one does in their campaigns things as on-page, off-page, and technical SEO optimization.

Also otherwise unconventional strategies like using Google search ads for SEO campaigns, one such other unconventional digital marketing strategy is using social media SEO.

Social media SEO does not directly affect SEO rankings but is a great way to influence these rankings. Social media networks also have algorithms just like Google that try to understand user intent and provide the best result based on relevance, popularity, and engagement. 

Social media SEO is using activities done on social media to leverage SEO. Below are some of the Social Media SEO Strategies that SEO specialists and experts can follow to get quality results.

Maximizing Your Blog’s Reach: How Social Media Can Boost Your Off-Page Profile

Posting your blogs on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn is not only a great way to get some awareness about your blogs but also benefits your off-page profile. In that, you can optimize these posts, with title descriptions and keywords. Also, it helps in reaching out to your existing followers about what kind of content you post on your website. 

Insta polls

Use Polls to Improve Your Social Media SEO Strategy

Doing social media SEO is not just about getting links it is also about reaching out to your customers and understanding their needs and wants. Polls are a great way to understand those needs. 

Boost Your Business Visibility with Social Media Mentions

Mentions are also another innovative way to raise awareness about your business and reach out to your audience. Gary Illyes, Google Search Term Analyst says the following on social media mentions “The context in which you engage online, and how people talk about you online, actually can impact what you rank for.” 

Power of Trending Topics: How to Get Backlinks by Writing Shareable Content

Getting backlinks can be tricky, while you can always post blogs on your own and get backlinks the trick is to write content that can be shared enough times and get backlinks. Writing content on trending topics might be a starting point for this. 

Using Infographics Can Boost Your SEO Strategy

Infographics are image-based informational pieces of content that have text, graphs, diagrams, and other lengthy information in the concise form of one long image. 

Leveraging Social Media and Improving Indexation of Pages

Even though social media SEO is not a direct ranking factor, it will directly influence your brand awareness and your off-page profile. Which in turn is an important ranking factor. Another important benefit, it could have your content getting indexed faster. The idea is if you have a page that you want to get indexed post it on social media and try to create backlinks for it. 

Managing Your Online Reputation with Social Media SEO

Online Reputation management is something else you might want to look into. Social media networks are not only a place where your audience can get in touch with you but it also affects how you portray your brand and how you respond to customer queries. You need to make sure that every negative review is not only dealt with but allows the user to turn and leave a positive review about your customer service. Another ORM and social media SEO tactic is getting your existing customers to leave reviews on any social media channels.

Strategies for Improving YouTube Video Rankings and View Counts

Adding your YouTube videos with keywords is how you would rank your videos not only on Google but on YouTube as well. 

  1. Make sure your videos are providing the best experience. 
  2. The title and desc are included with keywords.
  3. Do not miss out on auto-complete keywords
  4. Subtitles. 
  5. Create how-to videos if it matches your service.
  6. Doing all of these things would not only rank your website on Google but also improve your view counts on YouTube.

Hashtags and Keywords on Social Media

On social media keywords and hashtags are just the same as they are in Google. Social media algorithms try to understand the intent and see how much the need is for those keywords

Using Content Calendars for Your SEO

Creating a content calendar is a thing I have learned and used in my SEO campaigns from my team of social media experts. Making sure we are writing blogs and doing activities based on a number of things that are going to come up in the seasonal trend, festivals, or if needed any kind of moment marketing that can be influenced in my SEO campaign. As a leading social media marketing agency, we have various kinds of templates that help me in making sure that blogs are written according to the trend if need be or if there is a need for you to create a post on something that has gone viral. 

Expanding Your Social Media Reach With Social Media Platforms

Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram are great platforms where you can portray your brand and your service, but sites like Medium, Quora, and Reddit are platforms that do not get talked about enough to leverage social media SEO. 

On Medium, Quora, and Reddit you can post blogs that you are writing as a way for you to get backlinks from. And if these websites are already being ranked for this keyword that is another great indication for you to write an even more detailed blog post than the current one so your article could rank from and which you can also possibly get referral traffic from. 

Do you have any other social media strategies that we should know about, If yes feel free to get in touch with us?