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Linkedin Campaign To Find High Net Worth Investors For 9Unicorns

About the brand

9 Unicorns is India’s first Accelerator VC which invests in early age startups in their pre series A rounds. Demo Day is going to enable founders / organizations to showcase their products / ideas to a group of investors who would be interested in investing in such startups.


To generate leads




Performance Marketing

Case study subject

Performance Marketing

Delivery Overview

  • Since our target audience was very niche and specifically for India as a location. We had to experiment with a combination of Senior Job Titles, Investment titles, Industries, Member Groups, etc to not only increase the audience size but also make sure we reach out to a relevant set.
  • Excluding the irrelevant members, titles, industries, seniorities, etc is a critical optimization technique to deliver effective results.
  • Communication experimentation is a key parameter to deliver good results.
  • With the audience we were targeting, it was very important to have catchy headlines for Sponsored Messages that highlights the idea/service/promotion/event in a very unique but simple way. Utilizing numbers or specific stats helped.
  • We started with a detailed In-Mail copy and also tried experimenting with a shorter copy. But we got better results from the detailed one. Even though there was quite a lot of information to go through, yet every word, stats, numbers, etc were significant for the event promotion.
  • Remarketing & Lookalike audiences performed extremely well and we made the most out of it.


    • The campaign ran for a duration of 45 days and we managed to reach 1.5L people on LinkedIn.

Total Campaign Stats –
– Impressions: 1.9M
– Clicks: 56K+
– Event Registrations: 1000+
– Duration: 60 Days

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