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Are you an entrepreneur, artist, freelancer, or social media manager? So far, Pinterest is the best place to promote what you do, find inspiration, as well as research.

Pinterest is a social network, with 450+ million monthly active users worldwide. It has a strong audience base, and companies should not miss the opportunity to leverage their brand on this platform. So let’s take a look into the different ways how Pinterest marketing do’s and don’ts can help your business grow in 2022.

Let’s begin with Pinterest marketing dos!


Pinterest Marketing Dos

  1.  Add a profile picture, and cover thumbnail, and take good care of each board that has been created 
  2.  Join multiple relevant community boards and be active
  3. Create and share blog posts, Instagram posts, Reels, etc
  4. Follow accounts of the same niche
  5. Take care of the Pinterest  keywords, because Pinterest is considered a search engine
  6. Use Pinterest regularly and use multiple images for the same link.
  7. Analyze your content frequently
  8. Check the demographics and help your content reach the right audience
  9. Do a deep competitor and trends research, and add descriptions to all your boards, pins, and profile
  10. Add ‘Pin It’ buttons to your website
  11. Encourage your fan base to find and follow you on your Pinterest account


Pinterest Marketing Don’ts 

  1.  Don’t treat Pinterest the same as other social networks and study Pinterest marketing for a better understanding of the platform
  2. Don’t miss out on your competitors and perform weekly research on what they’re working on
  3. Don’t post visuals of the things you don’t have the credits of 
  4. Don’t forget about Rich Pins. Allow pinners to shop easily
  5. Don’t post low-quality images/videos. It’s a big no-no because this will definitely make pinners leave your profile
  6. Don’t add your affiliate links directly. Send pinners to your website or YouTube video, to make ultimate use
  7. Don’t share shortened links along with your Pins (such as bit.ly)
  8.  Do not save irrelevant Pins. Keep an aesthetic and useful feed

Hope you found this helpful! 🙂


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