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I’ve been teaching digital marketing & running a digital marketing agency, each for over 4 years now. One fundamental flaw that I have seen in small businesses & new talent in this space is the lack of market research. 

There are highly enterprising individuals who have newly found their startup businesses based on their common sense or some noise-making business in the silicon valley. Likewise, there are very talented digital marketing entrants who try out flawed digital marketing recipes for the campaigns that they run for the brands. In a dynamic ecosystem, such as the digital startup & marketing space, no one has the time to wait, breathe and understand the market and its audience which their product eventually aims to serve, better.

Here’s my attempt to bring in the fundamentals of market research for those budding entrepreneurs and digital marketing enthusiasts. The presentation below covers topics like:

  1. When to use market research
  2. Why use market research
  3. Case studies of brands that benefited from market research
  4. What’s the aim of conducting a market research activity
  5. How to conduct market research
  6. Surveys – what to include, report & analysis of your survey
  7. Closing with a small exercise



Do let me know in comments or via [email protected] in case you have questions or just want to discuss the topic of market research over a cup of coffee 🙂

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