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Social Media has become an important part of people’s lives and their daily routines, for millennials it’s not just a word, it’s the world for them. More than 85 percent of people who belong to Gen Z learn about new products through social media. It’s not hard to see why many marketers believe social media is an effective part of the business.

There’s no doubt that social media will play a growing role in our lives even in the near future. So, how should businesses and brands take advantage of this? 

One of the ways could be ‘Trends’.

Trends – A trending post or a social trend in general, is something that is created by someone in one corner of the world and within no time spreads across the globe as a viral trend that millions of people like and follow.

Why are these important? – The need for following social media trends is becoming more and more popular these days in order to grow your business or service.

As we head into 2023, it’s important to keep up with the latest trends in the digital marketing industry. From advancements in technology to changes in consumer behavior, businesses need to adapt to stay ahead of the competition

1. Video Marketing – Video marketing continues to dominate the digital marketing industry. With the rise of short-form video content, businesses can use platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels to reach a wider audience.

2. Embracing More UGC’s – Gone are the days where brands themselves talking about their USP’s worked for their audience, the new-age audience prefers other people’s validation first due to the tremendous amount of options available in the market, this makes it easy for them to pick up the right product. The best way to captivate your audience is to do a different type of UGCs and see what works the best with them. A skincare brand’s best UGC is testimonials. Similarly, find the USP and create content. Since this type of content is raw and authentic, it helps consumers find it more valuable and compelling than the content created by the brand themselves. UGC’s like reviews, testimonials, social media content, case studies, etc work well.

3. AR Transformation – When it comes to futuristic technology in marketing, augmented reality (AR) is the most exciting trend underway, though trending since last year, not every brand has picked this up and experimented with it.  AR enhances reality with the help of digitally generated images and features. Brands can allow their consumers to try on their products like makeup, clothing, home decor, etc before purchasing through the help of AR. It helps transform your audience’s experience.

4. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – AI and machine learning are becoming more prevalent in the marketing industry. With the help of these technologies, businesses can analyze consumer behavior, personalize their marketing strategies, and optimize their campaigns.

5. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality– AR and VR technologies are becoming more accessible to consumers, and businesses can leverage these technologies for marketing purposes. This includes creating immersive experiences, product demos, and virtual showrooms.

6. Pick Up Moment Marketing – Picking up the right trending topic and at the right time can help you gain popularity on social media. The biggest trend in the year 2023 has been Moment Marketing, we wouldn’t deny the fact that it has become so crucial that every other brand on social media in order to trend and get featured follows this. To effectively make the most out of these brands will have to stay alert and updated on social media. Instagram is one of the best platforms to do moment marketing.

7. Influencer MarketingInfluencer marketing continues to be an effective way to reach a target audience. By partnering with influencers, businesses can tap into their follower base and create authentic content that resonates with their target audience.

8. Live VideosLive videos are a way to tell your audience what you as a brand really are. Live videos are the best way to express yourself without any filter. Instagram and Facebook are the best platforms to conduct a live video, this could make your audience see something interesting and different from your regular content. While creating your live content make sure you keep the three E’s in mind – educate, entertain, and engage. Content such as interviews, Q&As, tutorials, and behind-the-scenes have proven to generally be effective for brands.

9. Regulation Of Fake News – Media has not only proved to be a boon to the people but it has also proved to be fatal. Regulation of fake news is as crucial as making a topic trend, therefore Twitter as a platform has taken measures to eradicate fake news floating around on its platform. Not only Twitter, but other social platforms have also taken measures to do the same. In late January, Twitter rolled out a Covid-19 search prompt to ensure searches provided results from credible sources. It has also released an update to its policy for manipulated content. Content that poses a risk to public safety will be removed.

10. Social Media Stories – The emerging stories trend is gaining pace in 2023.  that allows users to share short-lived, visually-driven content on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. They have become a key component of social media marketing strategies due to their high engagement rates and ability to showcase authentic, behind-the-scenes moments.

11. Building Meaningful Connections With The Audience– Interacting with your target audience or potential customers on a daily basis is the most crucial part of building a long-lasting and stable relationship. Building meaningful connections through your DM’s, comments, and other means can help you gain their trust and also strengthen your engagement rate game on social media.

12. Social Commerce – This describes the intersection of social media and e-commerce. It refers to the use of social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, to sell products or services directly to consumers. Social commerce involves using social media to promote products, engage with customers, and ultimately drive sales. This trend is growing rapidly, as more and more consumers are turning to social media for product recommendations and purchasing decisions. Businesses are taking advantage of this trend by building their online presence on social media and using it as a platform for e-commerce.

13. Long Form IGTV Videos – Both long-form and short-form videos are among the most-shared content on social media. Instagram users began using IGTV videos to add to their unique content. Brands now conduct talk shows, interviews, and narrative-style ads, etc. in the form of IGTV videos. It helps them boost their visibility and entertain the audience. A study shows that users love videos, in fact, they spend almost 90% more time on pages that have videos.

14. Chatbots and Messaging Apps – Chatbots and messaging apps are becoming more popular among consumers, and businesses can use them to improve customer service and engagement. This includes using chatbots for customer support and integrating messaging apps into marketing campaigns.

15. Local SEO – Local SEO is crucial for businesses that operate in specific geographic areas. By optimizing their websites and content for local search, businesses can increase visibility and drive more foot traffic to their physical locations.

16. Sustainability and Ethical Marketing – Consumers are increasingly conscious of the impact their purchasing decisions have on the environment and society. Businesses can align with consumer values by adopting sustainable practices and incorporating ethical marketing into their strategies. As always, social media is changing and you need to keep up in order to survive. Which of the latest social media trends will you be adapting?

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