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Are you satisfied? Is your life fulfilling? All these questions boil down to 2 words; “fundamental needs”. Accomplishing one’s fundamental needs is key to one’s happiness!

Listen to Deep Mehta what he’s learned through his experiences in life and what are the top 5 fundamental needs he feels we need to satisfy.

1. Work

Whether you work in a corporate office or in a digital marketing agency like us, question yourself: are you really satisfied with what you are doing, & does it fulfill you? If not, stop right there, think about it, and if needed, discuss it with your near ones and get a solution on it.

2. Expressing Love

Giving love is one of the fundamental needs for humans because sometimes giving love is more fulfilling than receiving love. Here is how you can prove this in your entire day: take some time and simply call your loved ones and just ask them what’s up in their life. If they have a problem they will definitely share it with you. Just listening to their problems can also make them feel good.

When we talk about our work or even families, all of it is essentially about us. It revolves around us and our small circle. But, there have to be a few things that you care about that are separate from you and your loved ones. Having these beliefs makes you feel enriched and gives a sense of purpose in your life.