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Every great story needs to be told, for, it is that very act which makes it so.

Businesses today are promoting far more than just products & services. They are promoting stories that resonate with consumers, a skill that demands a compelling storyteller. Think about it, one could listen to Morgan Freeman narrating the Terms & Conditions of a software installation & still feel engaged. That is the power of storytelling.

In this digital age of hyper-connectivity, while some businesses still look at Digital Marketing as a luxury, most have understood its irreplaceable value as THE storyteller. The sheer reach itself makes it second to none. But even among these woke folk, the challenge of getting it right persists. While traditionally, it used to make sense to have an in-house team, the paradigm has shifted & hard!! Here are the top 5 reasons why you should outsource your digital marketing –

1. Show me the money

Let’s face it, in the end for a business it all comes down to money. If you can get a higher quality of work done in your desired time while saving up on the cost, it will most certainly put a smile on your face & few much-valued pennies in your pocket. Outsourcing your Digital Marketing effort to an agency can save you up to 50% of the cost than an in-house team. That saving can find its way back into your business to strengthen its core needs. Not a bad deal, eh?

save money

2. Rest, while you work with the best

Agencies to which you outsource your Digital Marketing exist for the sole purpose of doing just that. They have spent years sharpening specific skills & have a gold mine of experience in what should & should not be done & if it should, then how. At a restaurant, would you prefer the janitor who can stir the pot & cut a few onions or would you prefer a 5-star celebrity chef who has spent his life making exquisite delicacies? I thought so too.

outsource digital marketing

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3. HR woes, performance slows

The greatest challenge with having an in-house Digital Marketing team is handling the most basic component of that team – people. The dependencies are too high & any unscheduled absence or unforeseen resignations can severely affect productivity. Even new replacements have to be trained, a practice that costs time aka money. With an agency, resourcing is not your headache anymore. All that you have to focus on is the output. Inner peace, here it comes.

performance issues

4. Focus on the core, ignore the chore

A master craftsman must be able to focus solely on his craft, for, that is his true strength. Getting involved in tasks that dilute his priority can hamper his performance. Similarly, businesses must have the freedom to speed up growth using their core offerings, instead of getting slowed down by attempting services they can easily have someone else do for them. That is where Digital Marketing Agencies play a crucial role. They are there to give you that freedom. So, light the fireworks & start the parade!! They have access to a lot of digital signage content creation tools which makes their job easy.

Focus on core

5. That’s a Tech mate!!

When the service itself has the word ‘Digital’ in it, you know technology plays a crucial role. An in-house team lacks exposure to a vast variety of dynamic & ‘blink-of-an-eye’ evolving technology by virtue of working for just one client. On the other hand, an agency works with multiple organizations from different industry verticals, making them lightning-quick to adopt the latest tools. Being a core service provider of their industry, agencies are well updated with high-performance tech.

tech mate

That’s 5 points right there. Did you read it all or just skipped through?

You know what…let me tell you a story. It’s about a boy wizard who goes to a magic school & fights a guy without a nose. I am sure you got it. However, would you prefer my narration of it or Rowling’s? That is the power of a storyteller.

Your products & services are stories. These are stories that must stir emotions & inspire people to offer their loyalty to your brand. And that can only be accomplished to its entirety by a seasoned storyteller aka a seasoned Digital Marketing Agency. So, what are you waiting for?  Start outsourcing today!!

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