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Top Link Building Strategies SEO Agencies Should Follow

There are many SEO agencies in Mumbai that try to rank for the first position in Google SERP but only a few are successful in doing so. This blog briefs you on how DigiChefs’ website ranked up at the first page of SERP with the help of effective and unique link-building strategies.

If you plan to rank any website or maybe your own digital marketing company, there are various activities like social bookmarking, classified submission, forum participation, etc, that can be done. For e.g. if you put more effort into an activity like guest blogging, you can get more SEO results rather than putting low effort into an activity like social bookmarking which in the end will bring you a low result. You prefer these activities over others simply because guest blogging costs you more as compared to social bookmarking which will be free of cost.

We, at DigiChefs have tackled this problem by not focusing on the backlinks. Instead, we started focusing on writing an impactful article. Eventually, we started ranking for certain keywords based on the on-page optimization done on those articles. Deep Mehta, the Co-Founder of DigiChefs, wrote an article titled “How to get your post trending on LinkedIn”. This article was written 6-8 months back which started ranking on the first page on Google after 3-4 months. When such 4-5 articles started ranking on the first page, numerous guest bloggers started approaching us to publish their content on our website as a guest blog because they knew that our website gets a lot of organic traffic.