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What is a Marketing Funnel or Funnel Strategy?

Marketing funnels put your brand on the map and nurture users through their entire buyer’s journey so that they’ll hopefully end up purchasing from you. Deep Mehta, the Co-Founder at DigiChefs explains how you can apply this strategy in digital marketing and can eventually boost your business.

You can generate the right sales or leads by observing the behaviour of your audience i.e from awareness to action. The several stages in the journey of the customer consists of awareness, desire, interest and also action. All these phases actually determine what the customer needs or what the customer is thinking of while browsing through your website.

The journey of the user or customer contains three funnels i.e. the top funnel, middle funnel & bottom funnel. When any user visits your website, he should always be on the top funnel followed by the middle funnel & bottom funnel depending upon the type of discovery the individual finds on your website. You should design your website in such a way that you can convince the customer to move from the top to the middle of the funnel & then finally to the bottom of the funnel. You can use some of the campaigns like SEM services or PPC management services to push the user from top to bottom funnel. Remarketing is the best practice for this. Here you can change the communication of your advertisement to engage the customer or the user.