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Google confirmed that it is rolling out Lead Form extension for search ads in a few weeks. The feature is currently in BETA mode and hence is being rolled out in phases.

After seeing its success on various other platforms like Facebook & LinkedIn, Google had started testing it’s lead form ads on YouTube as a channel. It is now looking at a beta rollout of an extension with the same feature.

For those who don’t know, Google is testing an ad extension that can capture leads without taking the user on the advertisers’ website (Similar to lead generation ads in Facebook & LinkedIn). After clicking on the CTA button, users can submit a prefilled form (with details populated from the Google account) and complete the journey.

This feature has only been implemented for Mobile devices for now.

Customer conversion

Here’s how it is going to benefit the marketers

  1. This makes the lead generation process much simpler by reducing the number of clicks and interventions. Hence, improving the conversion rates.
  2. Dependency on website developers and technology intervention will be reduced to a huge extent since the form fields and data can be optimized directly from the google dashboard.

Happy consumer

And the consumers should also be happy because

  1. The user experience is much better. They do not have to wait for heavy pages to load and view distorted and mobile aversive websites. 
  2. Since the forms are prefilled, the process is extremely quick & friendly.

Consumer choosing

Here are a few things that you should be careful about

  1. Since the forms are configured on the Google dashboard, you may not have a lot of customization options. 
  2. Since the user is filling in a lead just basis the advertisement, the customer journey might be a bit longer and the sales representatives might have to explain the proposition in more detail.
  3. Since the details are so easy to fill and there are hardly any validations available, the quality of lead might be slightly poor as compared to the current search setup. 

Google ad extention

To quickly check, if this feature is available for your ad account:

  1. Click Ads & extensions in the page menu, and then click Extensions at the top of the page.
  2. Click the plus button, and check if you have  Lead form extension available. 

If yes, now is the time. Explore it before your competitors get their hands onto it. 

For years, Marketers have been benefiting a lot with such ads on other platforms with a decrease in CPLs and an increase in the lead flow. With Google’s high intent audience, it will be interesting to see the quality of leads generated through this initiative. 

For more details on running these ads, please comment below or drop an email to [email protected]

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