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Do you know the world’s largest video-sharing platform YouTube has announced new AI-powered advertising tools? These tools will enable advertisers & brands, to connect with suitable audiences and optimize campaign performance. 

These are some AI tools that YT is going to include:

  1. “Spotlight Moments” will identify the trending content around the major events for brand sponsorship opportunities. For example, if a brand sells sports equipment, Spotlight Moments will identify trending sports videos and help the brands connect with the creators of those videos to sponsor them.
  2. Video Reach and Video View campaigns are two AI-enhanced ad products that YouTube is launching and going to make widely available for people. Video Reach campaigns will use AI to distribute ads across YouTube’s multiple video ad options such as in-stream, in-feed, and Shorts which will maximize the reach of the ads. Video View campaigns will use AI to target ads to the people who are more likely to watch them through to fulfillment. In trials, the advertisers saw significant improvement in reach and efficiency using Video Reach and Video View campaigns. For example, one advertiser saw a 54% increase in reach at a 42% lower cost by using Video Reach campaigns.

Benefits of using the new AI tools

  1. This tool will help the advertisers & brands to target the most relevant audience who has an interest in the products or services they cater.
  2. Along with that, it helps advertisers to work more effectively on other aspects of their campaigns as it automates tasks like ad targeting and bidding.
  3. lastly, it will help the advertisers to measure the performance of the campaign more efficiently and identify what is working well and what needs to be improved  

Overall, YouTube’s new AI advertising tools will help advertisers reach the right audience more efficiently and effectively.

Here are some tips for using YouTube’s new AI advertising tools:

  1. Use Spotlight Moments to identify trending content around major events that are relevant to your brand.
  2. Use Video Reach campaigns to maximize the reach of your ads across YouTube’s multiple video ad options.
  3. Use Video View campaigns to target your ads to people who are more likely to watch them through to completion.
  4. Use YouTube’s AI-powered audience insights to learn more about your target audience and create more relevant ads.
  5. Monitor the performance of the campaigns closely and make adjustments as needed.

By using YouTube’s new AI advertising tools, you can reach the right audience with your ads more efficiently and effectively.