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What was once a niche hobby of a select few with an affinity towards the written word, is not only one of the most popular personal & commercial trends of today but quite easily an industry worth billions of dollars. 

While writing has always been considered an art, the modern-day blogging seems to lean more towards science, something that can be rationally explained & recreated. A key factor is the demand of such content is at an all-time high & so is the supply. Quantity, in numerous cases has surpassed quality as the defining benchmark. This mushrooming of individual & business-led bloggers has resulted in easier & more efficient ways of blogging. 

Blogging is no longer an elite art but a common everyday practice for millions of people. A large rationale behind this is the easy framework that bloggers have developed to churn out larger quantities of content is shorter spans of time, something a budding blogger can learn a lot from.

Here are 4 of the easiest content idea hacks that any amateur blogger can use to become a master blogger in no time:

Pick a popular topic & explore your agreement or disagreement

Blogs that showcase opinions are a major hit because they inform perception. Whether it is as an agreement or disagreement, there is a sizeable fan base to be found on both sides. Take any topic that is current & explore your views on the subject in the blog. Make a case for or against the theme as you see fit & provide the rationale to build your case. Blogs like these are sure to create a buzz. 

Example: Should WFH become a permanent option for all organizations?

Pick a popular topic & add depth to it

With blogs exploring an infinite range of subjects, a great way to make a mark for your self is to find a well-known topic & write about its details. Go beyond the surface level introductions & write layered pieces that allow the readers to indulge their curiosity. This is also a great way of developing a niche in one’s writing abilities.  

Example: How to improve productivity in creative discussions during WFH

Pick a popular topic & modify as per the specific audience

As the saying goes, ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’, the same holds true for content as well. Depending upon who the audience is content can mean a variety of things & can work or not work in a variety of ways. A smart hack while choosing topics for your blog is to take a popular material & write about it keeping a very specific target audience in mind. 

Example: How to manage your boss’ expectations during WFH or How to manage your team during WFH

Pick a popular topic & add a fresh perspective

People love the freshness of content. One of the most engaging ways of creating blogs is to take common topics people relate to & add your own twist to them. This not only helps in a wider reception but makes the content share-worthy as well. A fresh outlook could very well be things your audience was looking for even though they weren’t expecting it. 

Example: Can WFH bring teams much closer than before?

The key to generating consistent content lies in realizing one’s strengths as well as the market needs. Creativity is not about always trying to be unique. It’s very much about taking the same thing everyone is looking at & giving it your own flavor. Blogging, like all other creative practices, relies on that principle while also demanding a certain level of discipline, something that can certainly be made easy by following the idea generation hacks mentioned in this article. 

Go on. Give these a shot. Happy blogging to you!!

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