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Facebook, the most popular social media platform with around 2.27 billion monthly active users, it is also the best social media advertising platform. Apart from the obvious fact of daily active users, there are a few more interesting statistics that make it so popular.

  1. Facebook is the 3rd most visited website in the world. (Source)
  2. Globally, people spend an average of 35 minutes on Facebook every day. (Source)
  3. 6 new profiles are created every second. (Source)

Isn’t that interesting? With such a strong audience base, Facebook is a goldmine for advertisers & is also used by many SMEs to grow their businesses. There are tonnes of Facebook advertising features & targeting options which help marketers expand their reach.

Here are some of my favourite features that I recommend every SME to try:

1. Conversion Campaign

Once you implement the Facebook pixel code on your website, you can easily start Facebook website conversion campaigns. The purpose of a Facebook conversion campaign is to perform specific actions on your landing page/website. These actions include visiting a page, adding something to a cart, or completing a purchase. With this campaign you can get multiple optimization options like conversions, landing pages link clicks etc. But the conversion optimization is the best and suggested optimization option.

2. Lead Generation Ads

You don’t have a landing page? No need to worry. Facebook lead ads totally eliminate the need for landing pages for your online campaigns. All you need is to add a lead form to your Facebook business page or you can create it while you are making an ad. With the help of lead ads, you can easily get valuable details from potential customers who are using Facebook. With its custom question option, you can get additional information as per your need. With the help of Lead ads, you can give users a more personalized option by sending them exclusive deals or do remarketing or encourage them to sign up for email newsletters.

3. Carousel ads

Facebook Carousel ads lets you display up to 10 images or video in a single ad. Sounds interesting, right? Each image or video can contain a different headline, call to actions & can be linked to a different landing page. You can use these carousel cards to highlight featured products, USPs or promotions. In fact, you can tell an entire story. Carousel ads is one of the most interactive ad versions where we can build curiosity for users with multiple cards.

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4. Video ads

Videos are likely to get more engagement than images or text. Video is the future of digital marketing. According to Hubspot, 100 million hours of video content are watched on Facebook daily ( Source ). As a digital marketer, one should definitely test Facebook’s video advertisements in one’s campaigns. Also in Facebook, you don’t need to pay extra for a video ad. Once you produce your content, just add a headline and a CTA. With Facebook’s new feature you can make a simple video by just adding a couple of images with a copy and a CTA & you are done no need to pay extra for video creation.

5. The Facebook Pixel

Using Facebook ads to grow your business is good but using Facebook ads wisely is better. Facebook pixel unlocks many opportunities for businesses to thrive easily. Just install a small piece of code on your website and you can capture information like the number of items added to a cart, purchases made, & registrations completed. Pixel tracking helps to measure conversions, optimize your ads and targeting. You can get Facebook pixel code on the pixel tab in events manager and get it installed by your developer. To check whether the code is installed properly or not you can use Facebook pixel helper extension from your browser.

6. Remarketing

Facebook remarketing helps advertisers reach people who’ve previously interacted with their brand via landing page or the Facebook page. In fact, you can remarket to your audience who visited specific product pages on your website but did not make a purchase. Since people have already interacted with your brand, they are more likely to engage with your ad & convert. Remarketing ads have higher CTR than normal ads as we are showing ads who already know your brand than a cold audience. Hence it’s more likely to convert.

As mentioned earlier, there are billion active users daily so there are a billion opportunities available for marketers. The above-mentioned top features can be included in your marketing strategy to achieve your goal. Now that you know some of the great features of Facebook ads, go ahead and explore them!

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Drop in comments if you have some more features you want me to talk about.