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Digital Marketing has been a pivotal moment for the logistics & shipping industry.

Many brands in this industry have successfully incorporated social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, and website development to enhance their online presence and add value to their businesses.

Let’s take a ride through some major brands in the logistics & shipping industry that have reaped the benefits of digital marketing.


Parekh Integrated Services Pvt. Ltd. is a leading end-to-end supply chain provider. They wanted to increase awareness about their brand and services among relevant audiences through LinkedIn. 

So, they made two celebration posts and two videos. The static posts were for Yoga Day- talking about the benefits of yoga and healthy living while the World Environment post used the trending hashtag #WorldEnvironmentDay and shared the idea of caring for our planet. These two posts gained an amazing response from the audience. Take a look at the numbers yourself:

  • Yoga Day: 4,421 impressions; 38.20% engagement rate
  • World Environment Day: 1,577 impressions; 13.92% engagement rate


Their videos were made to educate their audience on who they are and what they stand for. One video updated the audience with their services and the other shared their 30 years of expertise in this niche. Using creative demonstration to tell their story, made their videos more engaging and got a whopping response from the B2B niche. Check out the numbers below:

  • 3PL Audience Service Video: 2,336 impressions; 13.13%engagement rate
  • Brand Legacy Video: 3,412 impressions; 23.78% engagement rate


Keypak- A Canadian packaging solutions company, used the power of its amazing website to lure the audience. They didn’t stop at an aesthetic website but used SEO to target the right audience and kept the audience hooked. The reward? Increased traffic on their website!


Another amazing example of SEO without having to spend the big bucks is when PSIPL experienced a jump of 52% in their organic traffic. They studied their traffic and used targeted keywords along with on-page and off-page optimization to make this happen. The results obtained are impressive:

  • Increase of 51.25% of users on their website and 50.95% of new users 
  • They also noticed an improvement in the pages/sessions in the same timeframe- 63.74% 


Now, when you spend money along with some smart work, the results are quick and long-term. Paid marketing– A technique or tool that Bombino Express used, achieved a ROAS of 5 in just 3 months. They narrowed down their target audience and played with Google display ads and Google searches. Here’s how a little smart work and money paid off.

  • 775+ leads in 3 months
  • Improved the conversion rate by 21.6% on their landing page in 3 months


While paid marketing is smart, sometimes, simple ideas can reap benefits too. Just like how Parekh Integrated Solutions Private Limited used the simplest of all digital marketing techniques- email marketing to increase engagement and response from their customers. Their infographic emailer captured the B2B sector. Infographics and crisp content that promoted the update in their services made people read the mail and go ahead to their landing page too. Here’s the increase in the percentage of open rate and click rate:

  • Increased open rates by 32.6% with a click rate of 3.3%


Now, that’s smart work, right?

So, here’s your takeaway from this. Digital marketing is deeply rooted in this industry and it not only helps you increase your brand awareness but also makes way to improve your relationship with your customers. These brands have successfully incorporated digital marketing at various stages with a clear vision that became a reality. Want to know how these logistics and shipping brands went a step ahead with digital marketing? Read the strategy here!