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New technologies like AirPods, smart speakers, and connected cars have seen growth, making it easy for consumers to consume content and incentivizing creators to create high-quality content.

In India, there is a rapid growth in Over The Top (OTT) audio platforms. The pandemic has in a way changed the media consumption of the people starting from over the top platforms and with rapid growth in audio streaming platforms in India.

According to a Kantar study on 13th February 2020, Millions of consumers listened to audio streaming apps in India during the month of January.

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is digital audio of spoken words that a user can download, listen to on their devices using audio streaming applications on demand. The word podcast originated from a portable, smart music device popularly known as iPod.

Types of Podcasts

There are various formats of podcasts like Panel podcast, Interview podcast, Non- fictional storytelling podcast, Conversational/Co-hosted podcast, etc.

Growth of Podcasts in recent years

A huge number of brands now are penetrating podcast marketing to connect with their audience along with audio ads. We have Google podcast, Apple Podcast, Overcast, Amazon Alexa, Spotify. Podcast ads are the new hot sauce of digital marketing. 

Spotify is often termed as a music streaming platform, With a massive podcast strategy, it has up the game of Digital Audio Marketing.

Let’s talk about the growth of podcasts in India, currently over 40 million Indians and nearly 500 million internet users listen to podcasts. The graph is growing rapidly and there was almost 60% growth in podcast listeners in India. Brands like Tropicana, Storytel, Accenture, Motilal Oswal, Aditya Birla Mutual Fund, Paytm money and more have already leveraged digital audio podcasts.

Facts about podcast listeners

Nearly 90% of podcast listeners are on social media further divided as Facebook 76%, followed by Instagram 41%, Linkedin 33%. Podcast listeners are highly mobile which means 52% of people listen to podcasts in cars whereas 40% while performing physical activities live running, walking followed by 32% during workouts.

Beginners guide to podcast Marketing  :

In order to begin with promoting your podcast at the right time, below are the best tips and strategies for getting a podcast seen by as many people as possible:

1. Release a podcast with at least 3 episodes on the day of the launch. 

2. There are already plenty of apps that help you launch your own podcast like Google Play, Spotify.

3. Ask your listeners to subscribe, share, and leave reviews that will always have feedback from your engaging customers.

4. It’s very important to leverage your social media platforms for the promotion of your podcast which helps you to reach and engage with a larger audience.

Digital audio, audio ads are the next big thing. Sooner or later there will be a need for all the brands to penetrate into the podcast, digital audio industry for closely connecting with your consumers. To grow your podcast today, you must produce high-quality audios, it is very important to know your audience and network with the right people.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and grow your podcast!

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