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While you manage your social media accounts flawlessly which includes maintaining the overall look and feel of your feed, posting on a daily basis, etc. it is also very important to effectively manage the comments received from your audience.

Negative comments or feedback is very common for all kinds of brands, this actually indicates what you as a brand lack to fully satisfy your consumer’s needs and what are the areas you can work and improve on. 

Here are some of the ways in which you can manage negative social media responses:

1. Don’t Ignore:

The last thing someone wants when they are upset or angry is to be ignored. People comment or post something about your brand because they want to be heard at the earliest. 

Responding to negative messages as soon as you receive them, shows that you care about your audience and respect their opinion. By addressing their concerns, you have the opportunity to change their mind about your brand.

Also, by responding, you are showing other followers that you acknowledge these issues, care about them and are there for your audience whenever they need you! 

2. Apologize sincerely:

It is said that “the customer is always right” and this should always apply in your response to negative social media messages.

It’s important to remain professional; it can be easy to get caught up in social media feuds between celebrities, but remember that you aren’t them – you are a business.

Responding inappropriately will ruin your brand’s image and not only upset the person who left the negative comment, but it will also look bad to anyone else who sees it. 

3. Don’t make fake promises:

Your presence on social media is being noticed! Your followers and other social media users do notice your brand’s activity, make sure whenever you respond to a negative comment you do not make fake promises. Always ensure you reply to your customer’s grievances with solutions that are feasible for your brand to provide.  For e.g., if a customer is complaining about a wrong product being delivered to them, make sure your brand provides the right product to them on time. Do not overcommit to the timelines. 

4. Take it out of the spotlight: 

When you respond to the comment, try to encourage the user to transition the conversation to a more private place, like in the direct messages of the social network.

For example, you could say something like “Hi XYZ, We are so sorry to hear about your negative experience with our brand. It will be great if you could elaborate on your concern through DM.

Now that you know the key steps to effectively manage negative comments, make sure you imply the same on your brand’s social media pages for a more positive approach to your customer’s grievances. 

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