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If you want to boost your ads and stick out from the clutter on social media during festivals and make the most out of the holiday shopping season, the first thing first is to observe what worked the previous season for top brands and learn from them. 

Today our customers are savvy: It doesn’t take much time or effort to do research before making purchase decisions, And when it comes to closing sales, customer hesitation is the biggest challenge to overcome. Thus, it’s important to know how to encourage your holiday shoppers to take the desired action immediately.

Let’s talk about 6 ways to drive Instagram sales this holiday season.

1. Share last-minute gift ideas:

Most shoppers find holiday shopping overwhelming and people don’t have much time to discover various products from different Instagram e-commerce companies, so they seek out brand assistance when it comes to making purchase decisions. Thus, your brand should create last-minute gift ideas to make the lives of late shoppers easier.

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It is a proven way to provide efficient assistance that increases brand trust and sales. Additionally, you can keep up with the trends to know what type of posts work best for modern customers. Whether you’re a big or small company, it’s a great idea to share ideas on Instagram that grab attention and help you stand out from the crowd.

2. Play with consumer psychology to Drive Sales:

Far most it the ultimate time for “limited-stock” offers and appeal to shoppers looking for gifts for their friends and family. Product offerings available for only a short period of time and in limited supply create a sense of urgency and motivates Instagram shoppers to make a purchase.

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Businesses of any size can design seasonal offerings that will appeal to their unique customer base. Doing a bit of research as per your brand is suggested.

3. Collaborate with Micro-Influencers your Customers Trust:

Instagram has come out as the most popular influencer marketing platform in recent years, Instagram users routinely follow influencers and trust their recommendations just like their real-world friends.

Niche influencers offer an opportunity to cut through the noise and reach their potential audience with ease.

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If you collaborate with niche influencers to spread the word about your seasonal offerings on Instagram, it’s crucial to ask them to share testimonials via Instagram stories as well. Short 24-hour lifespan stories help create a sense of urgency. What’s more to add is, many influencers have access to valuable Stories features like clickable links that help to improve the customer’s shopping experience.

4. Reward your Instagram followers with Seasonal Offers:

This technique is often used to generate higher sales and works just as well for Instagram marketing as it does in person, enticing your followers to become your customers, by announcing your seasonal sale and offering an attractive discount, using social media monitoring tools to understand what your customers expect from your brand before launching your seasonal sale. By analyzing customer feedback, reviews, and complaints, you can satisfy customer needs and give them a solid reason to choose your brand over hundreds of your competitors.

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When you promote your seasonal sale on Instagram, make it easy for interested users to explore your offer, whether you choose to use product tags or post shoppable Instagram stories or add a link in your bio.

5. Partner With a Cause:

Giving back is always satisfying for both your community and your reputation as a brand and it is more impactful during the holidays. With the focus on giving to others, many customers will not only notice your charitable work but may also participate along with you. Some businesses collect donations of money, food or toys and drop them off at a local charity. Some will sell products to raise money. Businesses can also hold events to raise money or donate time to volunteer with a charity. You as a brand needs to decide what is suitable for you.

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6. Offer Free Shipping and Gift Wrapping:

Free shipping and gift wrapping go hand in hand during the holiday season. For brands, free shipping is an important element in your holiday marketing campaigns, If you can’t afford to offer free shipping, you can reduce the shipping minimum for a limited time. Gift wrapping helps to improve mood and attitude towards the gift and puts them more in the “holiday spirit.” However, most of us will agree wrapping gifts is time-consuming. Shouldn’t brands take a step in making lives easier for their consumers?

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And when you decide to do so, make sure customers know about the service, by promoting it on Instagram.


Every year holiday marketing season starts early, and this year is no exception. You will face immense competition to get your target audience’s attention and engagement. Incorporate these easy six tips in your Instagram feed and stories with relevant hashtags and choose eye-catching images users will want to see.

Have you tried any of these tactics to increase engagement on Instagram? What holiday marketing strategies are you planning to use?