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Wondering what the future of Instagram looks like? Social media has changed dramatically in recent years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, increased social activism, and Instagram adding new features (hello Reels!) and to be Precise Instagram for that matter. From a focus on e-commerce tools to more short-form video, All these changes happening around, can make it difficult for us to predict Instagram trends. But we’ve got some ideas! In the following Blog we are going to discuss them so, Let’s Begin with it.

1. Reels

You can make videos with Instagram Reels that are fun and engaging for your followers. “Reels” on this social network was launched to compete with another trending platform in 2021 which was TikTok. As a result of the ban on TikTok, the average time spent on Instagram has increased by 3.5% in India, where TikTok was banned a month before Reels was launched. In the coming time we can see if the trend continues, but for now Instagram has seen increased engagement. In the coming time we can see the global impact of Reels and see if the trend continues. There has been an increase of 280% Since introducing Reels and still the percentage is increasing day by day. According to researchers, short-form video content is becoming more popular due to shorter attention spans, easier sharing, or viral potential. This is one Particular trend one shouldn’t miss out on. 

2. Instagram Stories

The popularity and usefulness of these apps for brands have steadily grown despite their existence for several years. 63% of influencers say Instagram Stories have significantly impacted their content over the past year, while 78% of brands say Instagram Stories have had a “massive” impact on influencer content. The fact that Instagram Stories users are over 500 million daily suggests they enjoy bite-sized content. While Instagram Reels is a new feature, Instagram users have shown they enjoy bite-sized content.

3. Instagram Shops and Instagram Checkout

Introducing Instagram Shop, the social media platform created a more streamlined method for brands and artists. 2020 marked Instagram’s foray into becoming a digital storefront for brands and creators. Shoppable products, Editor’s Picks, and more are available for users to discover. You can now attract even more customers to your business with Instagram’s new shopping feature!

Each day, more than 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile on the platform.”Businesses are responsible for 1/3 of all stories viewed on this platform. Professional profiles with E-commerce stores can create their own Instagram shops using the Instagram Shops feature, instead of just tagging their products as they would on social networks. Then, the user won’t need to leave Instagram to make a purchase. The app also offers a Checkout functionality that enables users to store bank and payment information within the app, making shopping faster and more convenient. We predict more features rolling out. Instagram will become a one-stop shop after 2021, where you can advertise and sell your products, as well as connect to your community.

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