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Top 5 Things To Ensure Before You Begin Your Startup Journey

DigiChefs’ Co-founder, Deep Mehta, shares his insights through experience in the startup community. 

Here are some of the key pieces of advice for the upcoming startup founders who are stepping into the E-commerce Marketplace or the online retail space.

1. Website

Take your website extremely seriously. Opt for the best Website Development Agency In Mumbai that can build your website the way you want.

2. Competition

Always look after your competitors. Monitor their strategies and see how they are performing. You use tools like SimilarWeb to monitor your competitor’s online traffic.

3. Involvement

As everyone knows, the initial 1-2 months are crucial for any business. It is advised to be involved completely during the process where your marketing strategies are being laid out.

4. Brand Story

Build a good brand narrative or good story for your product, even if it is half-baked. Do not be dependent on someone else for your brand story or narrative.

5. Delegate

Always delegate yourself. In the Initial 1-2 months you will be deeply involved, so make sure you are not highly involved post the initial 1- 2 months. That will be the time when you would want to optimize your product, the way you source your raw materials, the way you set up the operations and supply chain and all the other aspects.

Let’s give a free hand and let the Digital Marketing Agency takeover once those crucial 1-2 months pass by.

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