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Nowadays, video content is the best way to tell your brand’s story and make it grow. Reels are the new way to create and discover short and entertaining videos on Instagram. Instagram Reels allow users to create videos of up to 90 seconds and share them in an easily discoverable feed. Instagram Reels keep garnering more and more attention at all hours of the day.

When Instagram releases a new feature, they promote it relentlessly until it succeeds. Reels give anybody the opportunity to become an Instagram creator. Reels are featured in the Instagram explore tab, which provides you with a chance to reach a wider audience that isn’t already following you. There’s potential to gain significant exposure if your reel goes viral and becomes “featured” content in the explore section.

Nowadays video content is the best way to mark your brand’s identity in the digital world. Reels are a new form of content packed in a short, visual medium generating a far higher engagement rate among users than any other form of content. 

The reason behind this is the extremely massive life span reels hold, unlike statics. Reels can work for a good 2 months without you as a marketer having to see spend any amount on boosting. That is the reason we see a sudden boom in marketers preferring reels as one way of promoting their products/services organically. Reels have the ability to remain viral and gain views for a longer period of time

When compared with static, the marketers are bound to boost their product/services on the platform by spending Rs.300 to 500 per day on a post to boost. At the same time, reels work effortlessly and organically without your need to spend a dime on them.

Instagram has the highest average engagement rate of all the main social channels, and Instagram reels are one of the best ways to promote your branded content.

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