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If there’s one thing that the internet has taught brands & agencies alike, is that humour is perhaps the most powerful force in pop culture. From serious shows, like Sacred Games, causing a tsunami of hilarious memes, to serious events like political press conferences leading to ROFL-ing templatized jokes, humour speaks a language truly beyond all barriers. So, in the spirit of appreciation, here are a few digital marketing puns for the dad-joke loving Digital Marketer in you.

Q. Why am I unable to lose weight even after visiting several fitness websites?
A. Because I keep accepting cookies everywhere I go.

Q. What do you do with all the sick ideas?
A. You use them for viral marketing.

Q. Why did Shakespeare struggle with his marketing ideas?
A. Because he couldn’t decide whether to B2C or to B2B.

Q. Why did the client dump the agency after a long term relationship?
A. Because the agency lied about the engagement.


Q. Why did the ad manager get angry with his team?
A. Because they did not create a good impression.


Q. Why do webmasters love Mumbai roads?
A. Because there is so much traffic.


Q. Why do Search Engines hate basketball?
A. Because the Bounce Rate is very high.


Q. Why did the religious leader quit social media
A. Because the conversion rate was very low.


Q. When do you call a brand eco-friendly?
A. When it focuses on organic results.


Q. Why did the Ad campaign fail after taking off?
A. Because the landing page was not ready.


Q. Why did the client reject the pitch about the honey brand?
A. Because it was filled with buzzwords.


Q. What do you call a freelance writer who’s also a vampire?
A. Word Count Dracula.

Q. What type of Paratha does Google hate?
A. Keyword Stuffed.


Q. Why did the client’s outburst have a negative impact on the campaign?
A. Because it had high volume and low relevance.


Q. What is Google’s favourite joke?
A.  Penguin, Pigeon & Panda walk into a bar. The bartender says “that’s SERP-rising!!”

See? Wasn’t that fun? Stupid, yes. But fun, nonetheless!!
Jokes are like napalm for brands in their war for attention. That’s because at their core these digital marketing jokes are insightful observations that add the invaluable human factor to otherwise mechanical brands making them approachable & relatable, something that no amount of ‘jargonised’ chest-thumping can do.
So, go ahead, crack a joke & add humour to your marketing efforts because being funny is not a joke!